How A Bra Should and Shouldn't Fit

hey bosom besties my name is Courtney

Kelvin I'm the CEO and profiting expert

of bosom besties and today I have

Ginelli here with me and I'm going to

talk to you about how a bra should and

shouldn't face so there are six places

you need to check to make sure your bra

is fitting correctly and today I'm going

to go over each one of those parts so

you have a better understanding of the

different components of how a bra so fit

and the first part is called the gore

this is the gore right here this part

between her breasts you want that to lay

flat or as flat as possible because if

this is sticking out like that

that means that your cup is too small so

you want this to lay flat and you wanted

to separate your boob your boobs

the second part of a good fitting bra is

having the top of the cut lay flat

against your breast tissue you want it

you don't want your breast he should be

coming I agree bra I tell women you if

you have a lot of cleavage with your bra

that's actually a bad sign you don't

want him to cleavage you want your broad

to continue and you wanted to cover you

the third part is the underwire so see

how the underwire is completely covering

the whole width of her breast from the

front all the way to the side you

actually want that and you actually want

a little bit of space right here between

her breasts and the underwire why that

is is because you don't want the

underwire to being up too high is

because if you look at your arms your

breasts come out in the bottom and so

that space it's going to give you a

little bit extra space that you're being

contained and that you're not being full

and I are bra

so the fourth spot that you want to talk

to make sure your profits is the side

right here at the end of wire so a lot

of men when they're wearing the wrong

size bra their underwire is actually

cutting into their breast tissue it's

laying on top of their breast tissue you

actually don't want that because having

a metal wire sticking to your breast

tissue is really uncomfortable so you

want it actually on the side of your

breast and you want it to contain you

okay so you want to make sure that

there's a little bit of space between

your breasts and your underwear right

here so that it's completely containing

you on the side the fifth spot you want

check is the band

see how low her band is you actually

want that to be low and snug because all

your support comes from the band

bras are kind of like backpacks if you

wear your backpack in the mountains and

if it's snug on your waist it's gonna be

a lot more supportive and you're not

gonna get a lot of shoulder and neck

pain same thing with thing with a bra

you want the bra to be low and snug and

you wanted to be snug on and loose a set

of hooks so that way as it stretches out

you can tighten it the sixth place is


so a lot of women think that the straps

is where all your support comes from

that is incorrect the straps the whole

purpose of the strap is just to hold up

the cup against your skin so what you

want to do is you want to be able to put

your two fingers underneath the straps

and not I haven't moved easily that

means that it's snug enough so that the

straps are not going to be falling off

your shoulders so those are the six

spots that a bra [ __ ] fit let's go over

them one more time the Gor the top the

cup the underwire or the bottom right

here this side right here or the

underwire the band right there and then

the straps so if you check all those

places and if your bra looks like this

that means you're wearing the right size