Gong Basics by Harijiwan

gong is always like son son this here

thing is called the gong

now the gong let's do that there's a

Geforce in in the world which the how we

get God

the ji is the generating force the oh is

the organizing force and the D is the

destroying for it so there's three

forces in play constantly the generating

organizing and destroying force and

that's in constant motion the G Force is

the generating force Ong ohm is the

creative sound it's the creative force

it's the organ it begins that own that

organizing force so what you get is G

Ong Gong is the generative creative

organizing force and it's the Gong is

all sounds come out of the Gong sound if

you go and on the internet and get some

of the NASA space audio recordings

outside Mars and Jupiter and so forth it

sounds like good Gong playing because

it's deep it's the deep space it's the

resonant vibration that holds the whole

of the universe together so when the

Gong is played anything that's in the

mind body that's not useful and not

serving the mind body acceleration

expansions enjoyment the Gong sound kind

of cleans out so it's extremely powerful

way to put the mind and body in a deep

meditative space so you can go into a

Gong meditation where you just lie down

and your body will go into a deep state

of relaxation which will allow the body

to heal rejuvenate revitalize and allow

the mind to come to a sense of clarity

and neutrality where the mind can start

to really appreciate the possibilities

of its own potential

so the Gong is extremely powerful and we

teach people to play it in our different

trainings because properly play Gong is

it is a total gift of the Gods it's it's


heaven right on earth bad Gong plain can

actually damage you so it is it is a

pass the power to disrupt the flow of

energy in the human body so you have to

know how to do it correctly and one key

thing that with the Gong is you need to

have a mantra you need to take your

human mind and merge it with the Gong

sound the secret mantra which is hidden

for a long time which was taught to us

by Yogi Bhajan is is this before you

play the gong

you say ah good anime jugaad good anime

such dude anime City guru datta in the

may own the Mogu dev namo odd such

jugaad such heavy such nanak hosi be

such you say those mantras silently and

then you can strike a gong the gong

sound will bring the mind to its most

positive point where it can be at its

most productive and efficient it will

tell the body to go to your optimum

state of strength where healing and

vitality can be released and activated

and enhanced so we'll just play a few

strikes here so you can understand the

resonant power

it's the resound the resound of the Gong

sound that creates the vibratory effect

that allows the body mind to go to these

deeply meditative spaces

now if you don't feel absolutely

wonderful after that there's only one

thing I can suggest more God

god it's a wonderful thing but