How Does The Golf Handicap Work? | 2020 World Handicap Explained

you've probably heard about it you've

probably seen it on your scorecard but

what is a golf handicap today we are

going to simply explain what is a golf

handicap if you're new to the channel

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content weekly Tyson and Brady here with

golf ascending so what is a golf

handicap it is a system that equalizes

the playing field

no matter the skill level so picture

this we're putting you in a race and you

look next to you and Usain Bolt is there

how fair would that be so this is what

we're gonna do we're gonna line you up

one lap ahead of him and we'll see if

that helps you you might have a chance

so just like that Usain Bolt example

there people in golf who have a lot of

different skill levels and so you could

join a competition or be part of like a

men's league or a women's league and

there'll be a lot of golfers who are way

better than you or vice versa and so

it's good to have the golf handicap to

kind of even out the playing field so

that people can play a competitive golf

and enjoy it and still have a chance to

win prizes so in my family we have a

golf tournament every single year and we

have people in our family of all

different skill levels one thing that's

cool is we establish a handicap system

before we play that way everyone's

having fun were being competitive and

everyone has a shot to win having a

handicap in place is also nice when

you're golfing with your friends some

friends are better than others but you

want to all go out and have a good time

so establishing a handicap can keep both

you and your friends competitive with

each other can have little side wager

while you play all right before we get

into the formula and how the handicap

system works and how to even get your

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alright so as of January 2020 the world

handicap system has been implemented

before that there were multiple handicap

systems including the USGA and it was a

little confusing everyone had a

different way of calculating the

handicap now it's a lot more simple

it's across the world and now to get

your handicap index you just have your

most recent twenty scores and you take

the average of your eight best scores

and that is your handicap index so major

changes to the 2020 world handicap

system include daily revisions which

keep your handicap up to date and will

refresh overnight

also weather conditions I'm depending on

bad poor weather conditions your

handicap will be adjusted accordingly

that's big

also a net double bogie system will be

in place you can look at the chart that

we're gonna put right in front of us

here but basically what this is is that

your handicap will only count a max of a

net double bogey also there is an

exceptional score rule this means if you

score seven strokes or better the

handicap will adjust accordingly

all right now let's go over the formula

for a course handicap as a short recap

your handicap index is the average best

eight scores of your most recent twenty

scores recorded that is your handicap

your personal handicap now of course

handicap is there because every course

has different difficulty some courses

are way harder than other courses and so

you apply your handicap to that course

to get your true score for that courses

difficulty so here's the formula for the

course handicap you put in your personal

handicap index and you multiply that by

the slope rating of the course which can

be found on the scorecard and divide it

by 113 which is basically the average

slope rating for all courses and then

add the course rating which is also on

the scorecard - the par of the course

which is generally 72 and this formula

will adjust your personal handicap for

that particular course that you play by

a couple of strokes all right that is

the new world handicap system for you

if you want to get an official handicap

you can if you're a part of a golf club

you can reach out to them and see if

they can get you hooked up to get it


you could also reached out to the Allied

Golf Association who could also help you

set that up so you can start entering

all your scores to have an official

handicap to sign up it costs about $50

to join but there are perks that come

with it but yeah

you can have it official and then start

going in participating in competitions

and if you don't want to do the official

one and pay the $50 there are also apps

out there where you can get your

handicap as well I like to use swing-u I

think 18 burries you can do it there's

also calculators online where you can

get your handicap so you can also keep

track if you don't want to pay the $50

for an official one for competitions and

so as you learned here with us a

handicap can be used for a lot of

different reasons you know for family

for friends if you want to stay

competitive there you can use it to

compete in actual tournaments and then

the last thing is a personal type of a

reason to use it and you can use it to

constantly you know get better use it as

a you know as a goal to reach so if you

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