everyone we are here today at

tailor-made headquarters teleme daddy -

and Ashworth headquarters as you can see

in the background we're here today to

collect a new driver and three good

piece we exciting yeah it's exciting in

the fitting division last week which is

really good and we've got some graveyard

good but hopefully some gains on

consistency so whole idea today is we're

going to show you how these things are

made so a pretty quick so today we're

going to take you into the factory we'll

show you how the person put together

we've got an ar-15 driver each and a

narrow burn a 3-wood so we're going to

take you inside show how they put these

clubs together so hopefully it's going

to be a bit of a different video for you

guys so let's get in there and have a

look shall we

right okay so we're inside now and you

like our new uniform yes so they made oh

yes they certainly brighten up losing my

goal actually got a new team member as

well so e CC wearing the same outfit

James so James is going to be our sort

of a guide tour guides of the day so

he's gonna take us inside that door

there to see where all the magic where

your clubs are being sent off and being

built so it's going to say you know you

have been within the night and let me

put the grip on which is maybe a good

idea but hit a bad shot is Michael okay

so here is his out golf shafts so

Pierce's is the one the left with the

ninja stars and mine is the the orange

one there so were as the heads and the

the cover so we're about to see the

process look at these grips me and my

golf blues well so um this literally

tailored to us

[ __ ] Christmas in January about very

nice looking good

okay apologies for the noise because

there's a lot of guys working hard if

we've got Gavin who's going to be

looking after us today Gavin oh yeah

yeah here you get these or you'll trust

me to put a grip on this at the end of

the process we'll get someone to

double-check yeah I'll give it a go see

what happens

alright what do we do right so we go

obviously we've got the components first

you can look at your order we've seen

what you need obviously two very good

golfers of these specifications deep

yeah well I get there with that one


first of all the person's picked them

off you check that we've got the right

products they're the right sharp right

grips head covers everything really goes

off cutting process first

this is where we're going to get the

shaft cut size and then obviously this

is the first stage and this is gabbing

yeah this is where we get the shaft cuts

yeah yeah we're going to get shafts got

here on our machine this work we've got

every part that we offer okay

from wedges to drivers Fair Work and any

open you have any shot that alone we

thought it would be

you see to pre-digital points of an inch

in terms of accuracy we can get very

very up

we just know all of you actually know so

this is tunneling Pierce's shaft here so

you've gone for the fubuki piece this is

the stiff shaft yeah extra stiffness

extra steps with it was amazing we ice

do prepares X amount of years ago we

used to put the tape around and cut

through the middle of it's changed a

little bit since



simple as that simple as that as the

first one still in

here's my shaft the the matrix finds a

slightly heavier shaft and this is stiff

- as opposed to extra step because I

like a little bit more feel in mine

Pierce likes is like a poker

hey that's done

because that thank you


forget vex

okay so we're going to get the next part

which is the gluon stage right so you've

got to wait after this process it's

ready mins for its assets okay so what

they did to our phone

that's one can load at the back of the

van handy yeah

it's a hive of activity this is guys

everywhere lots of quality control

I don't miss you tonight

the whiteheads in my shop yeah it's just

a simple process but

Lewin yeah two carloads and epoxy resin

much warm up on until the to home to mix

the pack take which is that straight to

the head sharp minor now sell there and

they'll be joined because one very

simple to put a glue really that's what

it is they liked you first of all

the mine is actually 12 degree 10 years

so that's the most people think I'm sure

you're going to use like a nine and a

half but the reason being my launch is

quite low so 12 degree just gives me a

little bit more launch but actually not

that you're locked down a little bit so

it's a little bit more open side I have

seen the club system closed so not the

loft out it's going to open the club

that they've address so it's just going

to CLO this around you don't pretend an

athlete on how yes I have indeed

we go done doing that's it I wiped out

20 minutes which is why here for 20


now we're gonna blow the battle zone

okay whilst we're waiting for the glue

to dry and he's gonna do his tier skills

and drills you just swan dive swan dive

down there yeah that's good better have

a staff party Christmas and that's

definitely straighter than your drives

down there okay so the clubs are dry

Pierce now it's time for the gripping

yeah they let me have a goat one buddy

was absolutely horrendous so I've been

he's gonna take it out of my hands now

here we go so we get advice so we're

having two wraps as well so we're having

slightly thicker grips and standard this

is my grip you can see there's the right

colorant oh good cook right full of that

isn't it close my eyes so good grip

thickness therefore up for me just to

just that feel really do like to do that

a little bit Pickett make sure when you

have a fitting that you ask about that

so it's almost complete now it's amazing

to edit when you get all these people

obviously doing different jobs that the

chances are bad plumbing a bad club

coming out well it's nothing happened I

hope that's politic um so let's do the

yours it's only end up a little bit okay

so if we put four layers of tape into

yours pairs will you stop that hook

maybe maybe that's the guy that's

actually one of the the guys here said

yeah Gavin said I'd like to see you hook

that says he can look at him so yeah

this is extra stiff shot there's sort of

limited on the field to say the least


I don't need it it's good idea

okay although so exercises for the grip

next person and the next person the


yeah yeah just carry on with this

so why is it be using here - obviously

it's double-sided tape on them though so

it's like nipple clips in the show but

we also

it's similar to what spirits

they used to put the grips on it takes

normally about 30 minutes for it to dry

thank the poison starts with Iroquois

it's environmentally friendly one idea

as well yeah

even better

a definite mine looks better that flew

in that silver combination yeah I think

you're white so that way you've more

bothered about who's the best it's all

on camera

Bria I'm at you golf clubs next person

okay so this well what happens and this

is sort of this station now what goes on

here check shock damage as well

so this is the quality chat really make

sure everything's right and ready before

it goes out the model shingle boats


I got some rush hours

yourself spring

that's Instagram

on the show

so policy control obviously you've got

the cleanest car out of everyone here

then here

perfect thank you all breathe thank you

where does it go

okay next station so this is where we

just get it packed out and sent away to

us but we're going to tell you the way

yeah ba-bling anything so you don't want

to go with your chef you probably do

anything protects it you're driving as

well I mean oh yeah oh yeah we usually

do here we're just inspecting visually

there claps okay against the description

we've got from the customer that's a

great group shot blocked setting in the

heads makes you take everything up here

yeah bring so this is just again making

sure that everything that that we've

ordered is just making sure that's going

out right there we go but exposing it

there's not where to go all the wrenches

to change the lock setting fantastic so

we're good to go but normally obviously

so we go in the box and then there's a

big round the corner picks everything up

the next day or a same day and they're

shipped out simple as that Andy simple

as that and I thought one person did it

it's a little bit different than we



right then Andy we have a new box of

toys such as golf clubs

thank you very much hello mates of the

driver and the 3-wood yeah thank you

very much tailor-made so obviously the

fitting we did for this was in part one

video so make sure you check back have a

look at that and see how they and the

fitters Liam actually got through to

getting is the specs pretty good

experience and using this is the first

time we've seen actually behind the

scenes and what the obvious what the

manufacturer does in order to get the

golf go back to you guys what's plus

processing just in time for our trip to

Orlando which we haven't yet talked

about so it's cold here at the minute we

fly into Orlando on the water what date

is it

we're flying there so we've been cool

always there that's the 2030s so we're

going to will end up two weeks so stay

tuned some vlogs and some videos of some

golf courses so it's going to be

adjusting it okay so I got run over

there but thanks for watching cheers bye