How to create a Gmail Account | 2019 | Mac & Pc


hey guys on today's video when teachers

create a gmail account so right now in

any web browser under Google just type

in Gmail once you guys search up for a

gmail you guys will see the very first

option will say kima right here so once

you click there you guys will see this

sign in so obviously you guys want to

create an account and that's down here

below you guys will see create account

so let's just click on create account

for now and right here you guys can fill

in your first name last name username

will be actually your gmail account okay

so that's gonna be your Gmail and just

make sure you guys remember that plus

your password so let's say your name is

tech and design just like this YouTube

channel I'm gonna type in tech and these

are my channel actually you know what it

was just a video channel or anything you

guys want the shorter usually the better

now for your password it does need to

contain 8 characters with a mix of

letters numbers and symbols so in this

case we're gonna use this password right

here so I just created one it's called

tech and design 2018 and then question

marks I'm using a symbol amusing numbers

I'm using caps and lower cases and

that's the best thing you guys could do

for your password so I'm just gonna

paste it right here paste it right here

whatever password you guys create I

suggest just emailing yourself or if you

have if you have another email or just

text yourself that email that password

or do something with a password but

storage so you guys don't forget it so

right here's my password so if I want to

see my password again I can just click

right here on the side where the eyeball

is so I can hide it or I can show it I

always always suggest showing it so you

guys remember that password so let's

just go next and your browser could say

safe password or not it's really up to

you guys I'm gonna put not now and then

right here

now this depends where you guys are at

so if you guys are in Canada it's gonna

show you that you guys are in the u.s.

you guys can type in us and it's gonna

take you down to United States for

example you guys can type in your phone

number right here okay

now again you guys can just click right

here and depends what countries you guys

are from and just fill in your phone

number so you guys can go on and create

this secure gmail account once you guys

do that you will get a verification code

so just copy and paste that right here

okay that's gonna be on your phone type

it up and then just press verify now

that you guys have verified you guys can

see up here you guys can use your phone

number or you can just delete it for now

if you don't want it okay recovery email

same thing it's optional I highly

suggest it okay I usually suggest emails

more than putting your phone number I'll

say recovery thing because it's just

faster for me in my case so just type in

a recovery email if you guys have

another email if you don't then you

don't have to it's optional once again

and this right here it's usually good to

put really remember it just in case you

guys have to recover this thing okay you

guys put fake information then you won't

remember it so I'm just gonna put it in

some info right here this you guys can

put whatever you guys want so rather

than say for example and then just go

next okay so obviously you guys have to

click down here gonna be an arrow so

just keep going down so you guys see

agree click on agree we're just gonna

wait for this to load up and we should

be ready with our gmail account whether

gmail account we can do a lot of things


this opens us up to have a YouTube

account for example so even if you guys

don't create YouTube videos now you guys

can subscribe and get stuff from YouTube

channels you guys can put likes you guys

can put comments you guys are free to do

a lot of stuff so that's what Gmail

accounts are really good to have so that

way you guys can be a little bit more

involved with

YouTube and other aspects of Gmail okay

same thing goes with cool for us and

everything you guys will need a gmail

account for that so let's just click


ok and that's it you guys can get ready

with your Gmail account right now up

here let me just give you a quick tour

right here compost that's to make an

email so just click right there you guys

can send out an email to anybody you

guys can see your sent emails from here

and all that jazz if you guys would like

to look up your settings and stuff like

that's gonna be on always on the

right-hand corner so right here you guys

can see settings if you click right here

you guys can also look at your account

itself alright anyways that's it for

this video that's how you guys can

create this thing you don't have 15 gigs

right here free for you guys to use to

store stuff and if you guys have any

questions comments you guys can write

them non-cuban comments area don't

forget subscribe and rate thank you