The truth about red wine

a glass of red wine a day keeps a gym

membership away if you are one of those

people who loves red wine and hates

exercise this might be excellent news

but is it actually news factor myth a

glass of red wine is equivalent to an

hour of exercise but this is without a

doubt a myth

why well that goes back to how the

methanol II came to be back in 2012 a

research study discovered that a

compound found in red wine resveratrol

improves skeletal muscle strength and

cardiac muscle during exercise training

in rats and therefore enhance their

exercise performance fast-forward two

years later and the media burst with

numerous headlines like science says a

glass of red wine may be equivalent to

an hour at the gym so although it's

difficult to pinpoint the exact cause of

the myth somehow something got lost in

translation we can be fairly certain

that it arose due to a misinterpretation

by a reporter who was either genuinely

misinformed or who thought the headline

would attract more readers to make

matters worse after the extravagant

publicity on the topic died down it

resurfaced a year later when in 2015

similar news articles were being

published by the day why was it that

people just couldn't let it go well it

could be because of wishful thinking or

because of the social acceptance of

drinking red wine or perhaps it was a

combination of both whatever the reasons

they seem to be dwindling as the truth

about the study is surfacing as news

agencies contact the source and lead

author of the original study dr. Jason

dick let's see what he and a study have

to say have you ever wondered what it is

about red wine that makes it so healthy

well red wine is believed to have many

health benefits due to a compound known

as resveratrol it is present in many

plant-based foods in our diets like

peanuts cranberries and blueberries

resveratrol is an antioxidant also

released by grape skins in response to

physical damage this is why red wine

contains much higher amounts than white

wine since it is only red wine that is

fermented with grape skins and not white


now you may be asking what is an

antioxidant and how does it work

antioxidants are compounds that remove

harmful substances known as Pro oxidants

and prevent them from damaging the body

Pro oxidants can be acquired internally

or externally due to harmful substances

like UV light cigarette smoke or car

exhaust without enough antioxidants Pro

oxidants can attack DNA proteins and

fats in the body causing cell and tissue

damage this is known as oxidative stress

and is known to cause several diseases

such as cardiovascular and neurological

as well as inflammatory problems and

aging but not to worry because the human

body can produce antioxidants itself as

well as obtain them externally by eating

foods such as fruits vegetables tea wine

nuts and seeds to fight off Pro oxidants

in the study that originated all this

media attention researchers looked at

four different groups of rats inactive

rats following either a standard diet or

a diet with resveratrol and in other two

groups who went through exercise

training and either a regular diet or a

diet supplemented by resveratrol with

rats that consumed resveratrol and

exercised researchers found that like

muscle contraction force and duration

improved suggesting improvements in

overall exercise performance rats

without did not have this improvement

researchers also found the breakdown of

stored fats for energy in skeletal

muscle and use of oxygen was greater in

rats a consumed resveratrol and

exercised additionally these rats were

also found to have an increased heart

ability to adapt to high exercise

workloads now remember how resveratrol

is an antioxidant released by grape

skins during the winemaking process well

the benefits of humans consuming

resveratrol are still under debate most

resveratrol studies conducted have been

performed on rat models like the ones

previously mentioned that were given a

much higher dose of res ritual than a

human would consume by moderately

drinking red wine this suggests that the

small amounts humans ingest from their

diets may not be enough to have many

benefits in multiple studies resveratrol

effects were studied in humans who

consumed a typical glass of wine it was

observed to be easily and quickly

absorbed by the body showing that it

would have very short-term effects if

any the amount of resveratrol absorbed

into the body was also shown to be

different for each person and unrelated

to the type of meal eaten based on this

data it is hard to say whether or not

resveratrol consumed from red wine and

other dietary sources is in large enough

quantities to have the health benefits

it is so widely believed to have in

summary resveratrol is an antioxidant an

antioxidant is a substance that protects

the body from many harmful substances

studies on rats show improved skeletal

muscle and cardiac function in those who

consumed resveratrol and exercised

however in humans moderately drinking

red wine does not allow us to consume

resveratrol in large enough quantities

for it to have health benefits so what's

the truth due to the powerful

antioxidants that it contains red wine

does actually have some health benefits

these range from reducing oxidative

damage helping prevent heart disease and

cancer and fighting inflammation and

blood clotting there is even research

linking daily red wine consumption to

reduced risk of dementia and depression

however these benefits are only observed

in moderate doses of red wine which

researchers usually describe as one to

two glasses a day in their studies

higher intake is shown to cause alcohol

dependency weight gain and increased

risk of liver disease and cardiovascular

disease due to the risk of alcohol

dependency and it's negative

consequences there are many other more

effective ways to improve health that

researchers recommend but don't require

alcohol consumption such as maintaining

a healthy diet engaging in regular

exercise and getting enough sleep so

although research shows that there are

some health benefits of drinking red

wine in moderation there is not enough

antioxidants and resveratrol in wine to

replicate the benefits of exercising

thus we conclude that the myth that a

glass of red wine is equivalent to an

hour at the gym is quite exaggerated and


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