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says red wine have antioxidants is white

wine packed with sugar and kind of glass

a day keep the doctor away today health

and wellness reporters a lot of moment

is here to tell us fact from fiction

when it comes to wine

Heisey I'm at so the downside is we know

that regularly drinking alcohol is bad

for our health but we've also been told

that some kinds of wine can be good for

our health

okay let's kind of let's break it down

all right let's break it down let's

start with red wine is that really good

for your heart so it's been said that

red wine because of the antioxidants in

the wine can be good for our heart it

has resveratrol which we've heard about

and flavonoids probably heard a little

bit about that in the media so these

antioxidants can keep you slim they

can't protect your heart so that is a


fact all right now what about anti-aging

properties one of these bottles really

keep the wrinkles from coming on this is

where it gets a little bit iffy so a lot

of people do say that resveratrol again

is also anti-aging and it comes from the

skin of grapes some grapes are fermented

that's what you know makes makes the

color red and you know is really high in

red wine okay the problem is that the

research has been done on mice and the

amount of resveratrol in an actual glass

of wine is really minimal and for us to

get this amount that the mice had in the

studies we'd have to drink over a

hundred glasses of wine a day which

clearly I do not recommend you don't

recommend you have to get your stomach

cops would not be pretty oh that is


all right fix it darkness fiction now

it's not the Fountain of Youth no not

not really all right but does wine fight

disease well I want red wine does have a

lot of different compounds that are

beneficial one of those is also

flavonoids it's what makes red grapes

and berries have their their red color

so that's an antioxidant that can really

increase the power of antioxidants which

helps fight disease in your body and

kind of keep your skin firm with all the

colleges so yes that is a fact fact it

can help us fight disease all right good

to know now what about the alcohol

content is there any benefit to that

well studies have shown that moderate

amounts of alcohol can be good for our

health regardless of whether it's red

wine or anything else but the key is

small amounts you want to do it one to

two drinks some max a day okay so less

is more glasses wine that seems to be

the case now a question white wine does

that have more sugar than red wine well

let's just say first of all all wine has

sugar in it

sugar is created when the grapes are

fermented so if you you know if you want

to reduce your sugar for wine in general

you want to try to stick to drier wines

rather than sweeter wines

it is a fact white wine does have

slightly more sugar than red wine all

right so you want to match this event

well if we're looking at counters carbee

anyway both have sugar both have

calories both have carbs okay now is

there there's definitely some benefits

we've just heard yeah but are there any

risk factors well you know drinking any

kind of alcohol can increase a woman's

risk of breast cancer and you know

alcohol is addictive and it can you know

lead to to disease but if you're already

drinking wine you're ready drinking

alcohol having a glass or two at dinner

is fine but I definitely don't recommend

you just start drinking alcohol because

of the purported health benefits okay

all right okay got that but I can't have

a glass this week you can have if you

already do just enjoy maybe I'll have