Giant Panda Mating Season | Wildlife Documentary


today on the National Geographic Channel

we are going to explore the Nutting

habits of the giant panda one of our

experts in the field is going to attempt

to force these pandas to sexually

reproduce weather these pandas know it

or not there is nothing quite like good


oh hello there welcome to good ol

Australia I'm on the hunt for the

elusive giant panda there's a problem in

the giant panda community they're no

good at [ __ ] they get distracted by

things they don't know how to 69 it's a

huge problem

we need to get these pandas to [ __ ] some

here with one of the local boys views is

that your name

anything for views well anything for

views do you think you can help me find

one of these giant pandas of course I

can follow me so where are we gonna find

take this out anything

we got a net gun whoa whoa whoa

anything's my dad's name how many views

views we got this net gun here I think

this would be the perfect thing to catch

these pandas that know how to [ __ ] I

like your thinking use what do you think

of this well I'm gonna throw it over my

head and lasso them together

you ain't gotta work right but you can

give it a try use what do I do

help me yes we from the Oh what set you

claim America

I've done research I go to UCSD I'm a

student I'm just here to make you guys

[ __ ] what is unit what's a student what

they're supposed to be like fat gay

human men I don't know what about you

aye aye big [ __ ] tits are you like

[ __ ] you like you like bear [ __ ]

you're gonna like a celebrity crush or


Yogi Bear you know why cuz not only not

only is he stealing my Spurs [ __ ]

probably giving cream pies as well

you're the last two pandas left

we need to impregnate them you look a

bit like a panda do you think you can

maybe fill this up just a little bit

besides I'll do it I'll be the hero

bless your heart



oh that [ __ ] draw it again come on

Brad universe every two dogs just warn

you guys the [ __ ] listen to me like that

I just bought every five he's always

trying to not on my ass and [ __ ] [ __ ]

[ __ ]