How is genetic testing done?

genetic testing is done by taking some

sort of sample the most common thing

done in office would be a blood sample

sometimes it could be asking you to spit

into a tube so that they use the saliva

and then that sample is sent off to a

DNA testing lab where the first thing

they do is take the DNA out of the cells

that are in that sample and then they go

ahead and do some sort of genetic

analysis to see whether they can explain

the disorder you have it can also be

done in other settings so for example

people have cancer sometimes we'll have

a removal of that tumor or just the

biopsy of it and the same thing they can

remove DNA from it and once they have

the DNA they can test for changes that

might explain something about why that

cancer is there and why it's growing I'm

dr. Bruce Gelb I'm a pediatric

cardiologist who specializes in the

genetics of heart problems in babies and

children I direct the cardiovascular

genetics program which is part of the

children's heart center at the Mount

Sinai Kravis Children's Hospital if you

have more questions please feel free to

reach out to us we'd love to help you