once a batch has been mixed a sample is

taken to perform quality tests this will

ensure that a good product will be sent

down the production line after the

bottles are DiPaola ties they head to

the air insert the ionized air is used

to clean the bottles it releases the

static cling and anything that could be

inside the bottles here the bottles are

filled using state-of-the-art high speed

and high efficiency filling machines

once the bottles are filled and capped

they run through a sterilizer bottle

inverter this pasteurization process

ensures that Gatorade will always be a

high quality product the bottles enter

the labelers single-file as they enter

the labeler they are separated onto the

star wheel for labeling next labels are

precisely applied to the bottles as they

speed through the high efficiency

labeling machine the bottles are fed

into the high cone with these conveyors

as the bottles come in the plastic

carrier is placed upon it