How to get a Full Mouth X-ray Series in under 5 mins



hi my name is Aaron I'm here to

demonstrate how a routine full-mouth

series is easy for the clinician

comfortable for the patient and can be

completed in just five minutes or less

using the DEXA software and the new

smart Dex's titanium sensor by cable the

Dex's titanium true comfort sensor

design allows for patient comfort with

its beveled corners and smooth rounded

casing it's wise angle feature the way

the cable exits the back of the sensor

adds to patient comfort since it moves

to get out of the way the holders hug

the sensor to avoid gaps that can catch

on soft tissues Dex's titanium is the

perfect size sensor it's a one single

size sensor with a large image capture

surface this along with all these other

features less the position of the sensor

with ease and accuracy and capture all

types of x-rays horizontal and vertical

bite wings anterior and posterior

periapical z' and pitot images DEXA

software allows for easy and practical

flow click X to take x-rays in full

mouth to manually start capturing your

full mount series by utilizing the Dex's

titanium smart sensor we now add a level

of efficiency never seen before by

simply gesturing with the sensor you can

Ishi eight the capture of vertical bite

Wings horizontal bite wings and for

today's procedure a full Mouse series

all without touching your computer ok

now let me show you how it's done

for my full mouth series sequence I will

start on my patient's upper right since

this is digital I can move the sensor to

the next position without removing it

from the patient's mouth

now I'm going to just flip the holder to

take shots of the opposite lower teeth


I either leery position my sensor and

holder for the upper left

in the lower-right


we quickly change holders for the

anterior Perry April's

I get a preview of each x-ray as its

captured if it's not right for any

reason I can easily step back and retake

it so far so good



finally a holder change for the bite

wings by using this flow the holder

setup in software I have the fewest

number of changes


and that's it now you can see how the

shape of the sensor and why having a

single size sensor can help you be more

efficient and facilitate a full mouth

series in under five minutes thank you

for joining us