Tanghulu Recipe 冰糖葫蘆 - CANDIED STRAWBERRIES ( How To Make Tanghulu Without Corn Syrup )

hey guys today we're making a delicious treats called

Tanghulu essentially it's fresh fruit coated in crunchy caramel the

combination of the juicy fruit with the hard candy is incredible I'm using

strawberries today because it's my favorite fruit to use if you've never

tried this you'll be obsessed so we're essentially

making caramel so please be careful if you're a kid get an adult to help you

out do not make this alone to a sauce pan you're going to add the sugar and some

water and I also like to add some honey for flavor your pan should be over low

heat do not stir this mixture or it may crystallize you can however gently swirl

the pan and as soon as the majority of sugar has dissolved into the water you

can turn your flame to medium and bring this to a boil if you're new to my

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now if you have a thermometer you want the temperature to reach a hundred and

fifty degrees Celsius or three hundred F also known as the hard crack stage

on your thermometer this is going to take anywhere between eight to ten

minutes it really depends on your flame now if you don't have a thermometer what

you can do is cook this to a slightly and I mean slightly higher temperature

and you'll know it's ready because the mixture will turn a slight amber color

at this point turn off your flame immediately or the sugar will burn and

taste better I like to add one or two drops of red food coloring and you'll

see why in just a moment you're going to dip your strawberries into the mixture

using a wooden skewer and swirl the berries to coat them completely and

you're going to place these onto some parchment paper to cool now this is why

I like to add red food coloring because if you have some strawberries that have

some green bits such as this one when you coat them in the mixture they'll

turn a vibrant red so no matter how the strawberries look guys

always turn a beautiful red the strawberries will harden pretty quickly

but just to be safe wait at least 10 minutes before you eat

these not only are these delicious guys but there's so much fun to eat and

there's really a handful of foods guys you can say that about okay the hot

syrup basically softens the berries so when you bite into it you get this

crunchy candy Syria but that juicy berry that just explodes with delicious notes

it's a very unique and amazing texture that you'll only fully understand if you

make eat