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we are going to discuss about this

frozen section histopathology first of

all now let's say discussing of this

principle behind this frozen section

cryo state can be used to get things

cross and section from fresh tissues gas

carbon dioxide is directed on the tissue

and dry ice is formed on the GU to

freeze then cryo step

so cryo step is a breathing microphone

which is a specially designed to get a

theme frozen section there are such

special paper creating system can be

seen inside this chamber of this cryo

stretch the first tissues itself scram

in the world there so when the dry ice

formed on the juice these water gets the

grease so this juice automatically gets

certified here we are using this a

quotient section medium so this whole

subject a medium gives the same optimal

cutting temperature for these tissues so

which act as an embedding media now let

us see what are the requirements

a good working Creole step of freezing

microphone cutting blade and trimming

blade fresh tissue frozen shot angel or

tissue embedding media clean glass

lights there diamond pin see for the

labeling and other related requirements

okay now let's go for the method here we

are using this metal quarters to fix

with this microphone the breast tissue

should be placed at the center of these

metal holders then we add this tissue

embedding gel in a clockwise manner from

the center through outwards

after that we place this metal mask on

the Border's

then we allowed to solidify for a few



when we start working with this queasy

microphone or cry of strength it's very

very important so first of all we should

create all the manufacturers instruction

then we should follow this SOP that

meets standard operating procedure so

according to the standard operating

procedure we should go one by one step


in this freezing manga drum also we are

using two cutting blades so one blade

for the streaming and the end of the

blade for this final facility

okay now let's fix this trimming blade

now this tissue everybody till it's

solid device so our block is ready so

now let's fix this block with the order

of this cry of strength then we started

through this trimming so now I am just

adjusting this a bringing a gas offering

size is 20 micrometer



the dishes have repeat we moved from the

block we will do this creamy so special

chaos would be needed the windier doing

these stringy



now the trimming is okay so now let's go

for this tissue final cutting then we

have to change the sharp blade to get

the injection then we should adjust this

cutting angle so now I am just

addressing this cutting angry white

micrometer here we need in class lights

so this a glass light should be placed

on the room temperature after getting a

theme frozen section we should take out

these tissues with the help of this

class light which we have already placed

on this room temperature so I can

automatically attached with this class






then finally we should do the labeling

with the help of this diamond pin see

then we can continue this process with

straining first on for today and thanks

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