Why French Press is Better Than Drip Coffee - The Daily BS 86

our here at silver Canyon coffee in

corporate Colorado and this is Matt he

is the roastmaster here and we've been

telling people to use the press press

and don't don't do to drip coffee and

maybe maybe we haven't given as good of

an explanation as Matt can give on why

that is a good thing so Matt why is

press press better than drip coffee

right so there's a couple of things

about using a print press that give you

a better result and an automatic machine

usually one of those is the direct

contact coffee hands with the water so

it's like you're brewing at the entire

time indirect contact it's essentially

unfiltered so you get a you get more

body get more sediment it's like a

thicker stronger cup that way so if you

enjoy that kind of coffee

it's kind of it's gonna taste better to

you another thing another really big

home brewers don't doesn't when you make

a French press you get to control the

temperature the water tool I mean

basically it's exactly where it should

be so at our altitude 5,500 feet we do

it just off the boil about 200

okay where you guys are working you know

where water boils not exactly - yeah

what's your elevation elevation debounce

right zero yeah say you want to lick

well when you boil it you boil your

water you want to let it cool off for

maybe about a minute 30 seconds to a

minute if you're not using a thermometer

you use it the hell together

so you wanted to go and boil the water

and then put it right in yeah exactly

let it cool a little bit yeah you can

scorch the coffee a little bit if it hit

the water is too hot

ovaries feathers it'll think that didn't

taste a little better at over extracted

that's an amazing piece of good advice

there let your water cool down just a

tiny bit 30 seconds or a minute and then

you can put the grounds in there and let

it let it steep yeah extracting yeah

short short answer that okay cool if you

want to try the same coffee that the I

drink again the name is silver Canyon

coffee gives our website yeah we got a

website silver Canyon coffee calm you

see as that you wanna try some coffee go

to silver can and coffee calm yeah

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