and my brother the oldest one okay at

the shelter boys and girls could not be

together like in some girls sorry excuse

my language but some girls were lesbian

on the girls side so you know they tried

to do something about them and I guess

that's why there's so many rules so

girls don't have sexual activity in the

restrooms and then the boys and the

girls couldn't have sexual intercourse

or they couldn't even they couldn't like

be with each other for more than ten


if a girl crossed to the boys side that

would be like in trouble when you first

get there you have all these chores you

have all these toys and you have to do

all these things together like the

probation stage like when you first get

there and you don't do anything you just

have to follow all the rules and like

the chores every weekend you get an

allowance of five dollars and so when I

first got there I remember me and my

sister had this our caseworker come in

and he would tell us like oh you're not

going back at first my siblings were not

with my mom and people obviously I'll

make a video in the future but my

siblings are living with my mom all

right and the thing is that my mom

wasn't doing the same thing she was

doing to us why because once she didn't

feel like they were a burden to because

she lived with her dad their dad was

always there so I don't think that he

would let that happen and he would just

watch what she would do to us and like


Benny was I went to a shelter and when

people come in with no clothes yeah they

go to the donation closet and like when

I say donation closet like you wouldn't

think but they got nice stuff like I

didn't need anything like my sister did

cuz I wanna know I'm lying the first

days I did nice stuff but it was only to

sleep because I refused I don't like I

don't like was feeling sorry for me I

don't like that I don't like people

I like people handing me stuff I don't

like that I don't like people buying

Spain for me I don't I hate it like I

feel like it's like I don't need you to

feel sorry for me so when I first got

there I liked like I needed clothes but

you know my pride was like mmm so I like

I say I like a lot by the way I got a

little bit of things or whatever like I

got a pajama shorts a shirt and some

shoes even though I already have some

shoes but you know just extra shoes and

so then I ended up going to school at

Alvin jr. high the teachers were 9

um here's a big school I was a really

really big school um what else

China remember it was a long time ago I

have journals I wish I wish I was back

in Houston because when I was going to

every pastor I'm in every place I went

to I kept a journal with me to write

everything down cuz I'm a very like I

remember I on the long-term side so you

wake up okay let me give you a rundown

of the day so me and my sisters ended up

in a room it was and it was nice like

the shelter room worse it looked like

like legit like you know like beautiful

like beautiful hotel room but like for

girls like it was so pretty

and it was three girls in the room and I

came in with Stacey Breanna and me so we

got our own room we got our own room

very very beautiful and we all had a

space we all had a bed everyone had a

bed that was the first time that since I

lived with my mom that I had a bet I

know that's gonna sound like rough but

it's true when I live with my mom I did

not live on I did not sleep on the bed I

slept on the floor I'm when I went to

the shelter I was like whoo I go back

like oh I was like I feel I get a bed I

was like a Einsteinian Stacey but Briana

around Briana had did not want to be

there because she was spoiled back home

but it was like for her own safety I

guess but me and Stacey were like we got

a bad [ __ ] and we were not sharing a

bed we were not like even if my mom ever

got me my belly button piercing is

hurting but even if I ever if we ever

got a bed me and Stacey probably have to

show but me sighs you were like we got

yeah so we got a bed and they ended up

having to switch Briana out of our room

because she was yelling I mean Stacey

she said telling us she hated us and

they didn't they do not tolerate anyone

acting like a fool anyone bullying

people at the shelter because you're

supposed to feel safe at a shelter you

know and so our caseworker will come in

once in a while to like tell us how a

case was going we were there for two two

months no Breanna cases were there for

two months and then they left with back

with my mom and me and Stacey stayed for

three more months

and so my brother it was I I kinda in my

heart I heard that my little brother

hey-zeus has to be alone because he's

he's never been apart from three of us

three girls and and any less for my mom

he was always when I say my mom me my

biological mom he was always see what he

was always with my mom and all of a

sudden he could not come to the girls

side he was he had to sleep in his own

room with the roommate that he's never

met like so that kind of hurt hurt her

my heart I guess you can say cuz even

though I don't talk to him now but I

remember like he would cry every night

like I mean yeah you go from being with

your three six three sisters one brother

your whole life and then all of a sudden

when you turn six you got a go with

strangers and you can't even cross over

just to say how their sisters okay so

you would wake up sorry and ya know I

got a DD bad um so you would wake up or

whatever they were wake us up at 6:00

either you took a shower the night

before or you took a shower in the

morning at 6 before we went to breakfast

breakfast is always 7 to 8 after a you

either went to a game room the gym

because there was a gym in the premises

a gym and keep in mind you could not

leave the premises there was a gym

another game room and there was like

like if you were feeling sick or

something you would go to sleep I guess

and there was unearthed there and there

was always stuff there is caught staff

24/7 so one stuff comes in the morning

one comes in around in just 12 or

whatever and then one comes in like

around 8:00 and they stay all the way

through the next morning and the next

shift comes in so they would take care

of us and you would just spend the day

either in the day room or there was

activities but that was after you got

out of your probation stage so you need

to go to the movies or you go skating

but it was rare that she would go to

that but you had the ability to do that

you know and when we and then when you

ate lunch around 12:30 and then right

after so let me just tell ya baby

my boyfriend's watching this um don't be


but when I was there so long time so

when short term I keep in mind I was

going to school with these people so the

only time where you could talk to the

boys from the shelter

and the voice from long-term and the

girls from long-term was at school and

but some people didn't want to talk to

people from people people from the

shelter's sometimes didn't want to talk

to go from the shelter because they

didn't want people to know that they

were in a shelter which I would

understand I mean I didn't care but it's

not like people asked me because I have

like a face where people are like if I

don't speak if I don't speak first don't

speak to me you know so um when I was

going to school or whatever there was

this boy I must say his name because I

mean I don't really care I mean it's not

like I think of a morale I'd come

anymore but it was um crave on great one

yeah I was quite one and he was black he

was tall he had pretty smile baby please

no I'm just trying to you know show the

audience and and he was in the long term

so when we would go to lunch bunk so we

would be leaving lunch lunch at 12:30

long term would be lining up to come in

I said that long term are people that

say that for a long time yeah so the

luncheon was coming in and he would give

me notes like you pass me notes or

whatever I mean I'm not ugly

I heard passing me notes and then the

whole long term was like whoo Daisy and

I had a little thing and he they had

phones on long term they had phones on

the long term side over there and once

you turn 18 you leave long term but he

was the same age as me

and at school he would talk to me

everybody lunch and like then we moved

to the face we would I mean it was

middle school so he moved to the face we

would hug or whatever like you know like

but but no one at the shelter could know

because it's not we both be like never

had told you that you gotta be on like

when you first get there like you got to

follow these steps yeah if you you get

caught with that and they like make you

go back from zero so they couldn't find

out or whatever and like he would always

give me love no it's made me feel a

little special he gave and I gave him a

like a little I used to make like hearts

out of paper

but it was like you can origami heart

and I'll give him a heart or whatever

he will write me letters but the first

letter that I like really really really

wrote was just think like no one has

letter like a written letter best thing

I didn't get C special but anyways yeah

so like that happened and eventually

like me and my IRA my sister was so

happy that we spent a Christmas there

and I mean you didn't get like a lot of

things but anything but to me and my

sister anything was better than nothing

cuz along my mom my mom had money but

for us she had nothing like oh like she

would dress us up only to like prove a

point to people in Nicaragua like oh I'm

taking care of my daughters they live in

the US and what about your daughters you

know but this shelter was a nice like it

was the only thing he was like that you

had to do all these things and like you

couldn't do certain things and you

couldn't have a phone and you couldn't

shave unless you asked you couldn't keep

products like hair products to stuff

mascara in your room everything has to

go in a bucket and you couldn't only use

it at nighttime morning time um you

couldn't have a phone like you know it

was just it was just very closed off but

I don't think that people in CPS like

and that's one of my dreams or whatever

that people in CPS are gonna be able to

like be social weather is that they use

iPads even if it's borrowed or iPod or

iPhone like you know like I just feel

like no kid should feel like and then

when you go to school and then people

are like you don't have a phone like


so yeah and then eventually my sister

moved out of there and we went to our

first foster home but that's another

that's the next storytime yeah my first

placement was a shelter shout out to

kids Harbor because they really do take

care of kids like anything I feel like

it's Harbor it's like if you come from a

place where either you were gonna be be

sexually abused you were running away

you were homeless you were trying to

commit suicide like there was a lot of

people that tried to commit suicide and

they were there like that place actually

helped and you talked to a therapist

there a do group their therapy and stuff

like and the staff is super nice but

some of them are some of them it's

either some of them are very very very


or some of them are like almost but most

of them are like yeah we know that

you're here because you come from my

like unfortunate situation and they try

to make it better by like talking to you

and stuff but yeah

the Fosters hope if you don't know what

that is you should totally look it up

it's very what's the word

um so please yeah and it helps a lot of

kids and so shout out to them and then

one day I hope I go back there and just

I hope that why I still keep in contact

with some people I know I'm not supposed

to say that but it's just like they said

that I made like a mark on them and that

they want to enter this day they like

text me on Instagram like this is you

how are you and I'm like hey guys and we

have a group we have a group chat on

facebook yeah yeah yeah I just thinking

I don't want to cry but just thinking

back on like all of the the the foster

homes all the like the things I've seen

the people have helped me the people

that said I I wasn't gonna make it the

people that stood there and like even

the people that weren't like Miss

Katrina it was the person that took me

out of my home like so this day I'm

extremely grateful to her like I feel

like every even though like it hurts me

sometimes be like every foster home and

every every placement I've been I've

been through I've been to and gone like

I feel like every one of them I went

there for a reason like either I I made

an impact on the on some of the kids

there or it made an impact on myself

like it just you know yeah thank you for

watching guys um hope you enjoyed the


I'm gonna call my boyfriend now and like

maybe cry I don't know but thank you for


I love ya Scotties please like comment

and subscribe somehow you feel