good morning good morning good morning

everybody is Stephen Williams founder

president of credit repair shop calm yes

I'm not in a soup today it is hot hot

hot humid outside here in Milwaukee

Wisconsin and in today's videos what

we're gonna talk about is removing

foreclosures off to credit reports yes

you can remove a foreclosure off of a

credit report and some people think that

it can't be done we have clients here

that we were able to get a remove but

there's also some things that people

don't even know about when they're

facing a foreclosure situation where you

can actually get money so I'm going to

talk about several things all the way up

to how to get the foreclosure removed

now we all know that when someone

experiences a foreclosure that the

family is like they lose stability

self-esteem you know if it's a married

couple they probably arguing with each

other because the finances aren't right

the kids are acting up like everything

just starts to go haywire because the

home is like the foundation in a way of

a family like everybody comes home at

the end of the night everybody eats at

the home everybody lays back at their

home so when the home is lost in

foreclosure it like it's it's like an

earthquake happen in it in it cracked

the foundation of the family and there's

things that people have to do and I call

it a reset when I talk to my clients

about you're going through a foreclosure

you're going through money problems

you're fighting with your spouse the

kids are acting up how are you going to

re-establish yourself and I call it a

reset and if you watch my other videos

I've talked about if you have builds a

way that you can get money is to

to get deferments on all your payments

and in that way you can use that money

to catch up on other bills and to pay

off some bills but now specifically to

foreclosures one of the strategies that

I use will which is really the big bits

biggest and best strategy if it's passed

where you could get deferments if it's

passed where you can renegotiate the

loan or get a refinance or loan or get a

loan modification with your lender if

it's passed all of that then the next

step is to contact the lender and then

tell them that you want to hand over the

keys but you want to be paid to clean up

the house and do everything and in your

hand over the keys at that time I know

that make might sound crazy but we've

done this and we've gotten clients up to

$5,000 to do that because look on the

flip side what is the bank or the

mortgage provider or whoever owns the

loan going to have to do when you leave

the house they're gonna have to clean it

up because most people that leak loot

leave a foreclosure they get thrown out

of the house so they don't even get to

take all of their stuff they they tear

up the place um um because they're mad

upset so they're like if if I'm leaving

we're leaving just tear it up and we

don't care so what we've always

negotiated for our clients that reached

a point where they just were not gonna

be able to afford to stay in the house

as you contact the lender and in the

lender you negotiate what's called

deed-in-lieu and you're gonna hand over

the keys you're gonna sign the deed so

they ought to go through the loan

foreclosure process it's gonna be where

there's no where you know you're not

gonna be arguing or making it a hostile

that's what they call it it's not gonna

be a hostile foreclosure and so we've

negotiated that with four clients

some of them pale or but we the highest

one we've got one

five thousand dollars and I think it

depends on what neighborhood you live in

if it's a house that you know that's up

there in an arrangement for the client

that we got five thousand four he was

only in a home that was I think about

220 230 thousand dollars so we're not

talking about some big expenses

expensive houses so we negotiated that

they got five thousand dollars and then

they used that money to reset I always

talk about let's reset ourselves so they

use that money to reset in and they got

into low into an apartment and they were

able to get all her stuff out they clean

it up and they signed it back over to

the lien holder and you know and

everything was good

you know the lien holder was like eight

it's all cleaned up and I had to pay to

have someone come in if there were some

damages that were done to the wall you

know they don't really care about that

but you know they just don't give them

the place back looking like hell then

ran through there and so that's what we

were able to do we have negotiated that

with several clients that were in the

foreclosure process now and I'm just

looking at my notes here so the next

thing is you so you use the funds to get

settled get into a new place you know

set up a budget get everything realigned

so your family can move forward now the

next thing that you need to look for and

this is only in certain state so you

have to look up the state that you're in

and the state of Wisconsin is it is not

available but you could have money

coming to you and let me explain when

your home is sold and foreclosure in

some states if they sell it for more

than what the taxes were owed on the

property this is if if the if the

property was taken back from a

foreclosure let's just say that you owe

taxes and you the state for this over

the city that you lived in they came and

took took the property from you and they

sold the property for more

then what was old on the taxes did you

know that that money is owed to you you

would have to get that money and so what

you would do is you would file a claim

and it's only in certain states and like

I said in Wisconsin is not available but

states like Texas Florida mostly

southern states some of the upper East

Coast states do it where if you own the

property and you lost it due to taxes

because you just couldn't afford to

taxes and they they sold it in the

foreclosure process will attack sell and

they made more and they sold it for more

than what the Texas were owned that

money belongs to you a lot of people

don't even know that that money belongs

to you so now let's get into how to get

this off of your credit reports it's so

easy like we this has been like like

spreading butter on bread melted butter

on bread when we've done this where we

have the family clean it up they got

paid the money to leave and click to

clean it up in and to leave and to give

over the keys in the next thing that

happened is that once all of that was

all done then we prepared a document

using a 609 credit CRA the credit

reporting act statute to actually get

that item off because it's not

considered the same type of foreclosure

where we we formulated the letter Weeds

told them that this was not a hostile

foreclosure and that this should not be

listed the way that is listed on the

credit reports we would even send that

to the creditor and the creditor would

removed a foreclosure that's how easy it

was it's just like everybody just falls

in the line like when they get it in our

office they I guess they have a special

file for the people that make it easy

for them to take the houses back in a

special file but if people that make it

hard where they have to spend all this

money and get spend more on

tourneys but we would send it to the

lender and we would send it to the

bureau's and the item was always removed

on the first round so this is the easy

way to remove a foreclosure and get paid

if you're in foreclosure so these are

some of my liked strategies that I've

used like man I'm telling some stuff

that on here that I wouldn't usually

never even say because these are like

guarded secrets that you know that my

company uses to help people with credit

repair problems and specifically with

foreclosure so if I hope this

information was helpful to you please

subscribe to my youtube channel please

spread the word I really appreciate it

and again in this video we are talked

about removing foreclosures off of the

credit reports if you need to go back

start this video over because this is

serious real deal if you find yourself

in this situation you can get money to

leave the property by cleaning it up and

then you can get the foreclosure removed

off of your credit reports when

everything is said and done and

potentially depending on the state that

you live in if your foreclosure was due

to taxes that were owed and they sold

the property you could be you should

have money coming back to you because

any amount that's paid over the taxes

that are owed is your money a lot of

people just do not know that even if an

investor buys the property and they pay

say the property is worth a hundred

thousand dollars you owe ten thousand

dollars in taxes investor paid thirty

thousand dollars for the property twenty

thousand dollars of that is your money

so just think about it you could get

paid to get out of the house you could

get paid when the house sold

and you could get it from get the

foreclosure removed offer your credit

reports like that's like a clean sweet

start over so again this is Steven

Williams found our president of the

credit repair shop calm please visit our

website subscribe to my channel and

let's move forward today remember you

have the power to change your life all

you have to do is think rather than just

be on automatic think about what you

want then get a clear vision in your

mind and then do everything to go out

there and do it even if it feels

uncomfortable thank you for your time