Food Processors 101

okay it's the video that you've been

waiting for I promised I would do this

and it's finally here I'm gonna show you

how to use your food processor if you

are not using your food processor you

are missing out on the best friend that

you could have in the kitchen okay it

makes your life easy it makes cooking

fun okay I cannot take it when I go into

people's houses and I want to use your

food processor and it's in the garage

behind a surfboard behind like gym

equipment it's never going to get used

back there you have to bring it into

your kitchen you have to put it in prime

real estate and then you will use it


now as far as knowing how to use it

that's what I'm going to show you today

I have two different food processors

here they both work a little differently

I don't know which one you have but

chances are you know you probably have

one of these two otherwise you might

have a KitchenAid but this is a

Cuisinart okay and this is about eleven

cup this is a 16 cup Breville the disc

sort of what we're gonna work on first

okay so these to me are the best this is

a slicing disc it comes with your

Cuisinart if you threw it out don't

worry you can still like order one from

Cuisinart or go on Amazon just know

which model number you have and then you

can order them you can actually order

more than one this is like a standard

four millimeter slicing disc you can get

them thinner to which one I did have a

Cuisinart I had some thinner ones too

and those are the best the one

millimeter two millimeter I highly

recommend it so this is a slicing disc

and this is called a shredding disc so

this you can use for things like cheese

or a cabbage or Brussels sprouts and the

shredding disc zucchini potatoes carrots

cheese again you know you could use this

for onions anything I mean they're just

they're so and it makes things so fast

so here's what you do you need to remove

the x-blade okay this is the first

obstacle you are not going to be using

this and this at the same time so take

this out and put it off to the side this

is what you use for chopping and

blending and all that stuff

for when you're slicing okay then what

you have to do is you're gonna flip your

disks over okay and you're gonna take

the stem this is for the Cuisinart and

you have to pull this down now they try

to help you I know it's probably

difficult to see in a video they try and

help you here there is a little arrow

imprinted there and guess what there is

a little arrow imprinted in the middle

right here so they're telling you pull

this down insert arrow and match it to

this arrow twist and release and make

sure that it is nice and stable now

you're ready to work with this okay so

you're gonna put it into the machine

it's not ready yet you still have to

turn it okay and so that it comes down

and it's almost flush with the top of

the bowl okay and now you're ready to

work with it okay so then you turn your

the top part on okay so get it nice and

secure and then you put this in okay so

the shredding disc is what again you can

use for something like carrots or

zucchini or whatever there's two ways

that you can use the shredding disc

believe it or not you can feed your

carrots through this top hole here okay

and then push down and you will get

shreds that are short so it's gonna

shred the carrot this way but what if

you want longer shreds what if you want

to do like a carrot salad well guess

what you would feed it in a different

way in that case you would cut your

carrots to fit this way and you would

make them go horizontally and then you

can stack them up horizontally and then

you have the potential for much longer

shreds you follow what I'm saying okay

so that's two ways that you can use that

all right now with the Breville it's a

little bit different again you have to

remove the metal s blade this doesn't

get used at the same time that the discs

get used this one has a stem that's like

this and all you do it's pretty easy you

just stick it in here and then you put

this whole thing in here and again make

sure it's flush with the top of the bowl

and so then this is same

principal you are going to align this

like this and you can either feed your

carrots in this way okay how easy was

that took like two seconds or you can

sorry cut your carrots to fit

horizontally and then you'll get longer

shreds okay

so then this goes here

so easy all right now you can also do

something like Brussels sprouts let's

just say you wanted to slice your

Brussels sprouts and you want us to

slice them thinly like for a salad or

something that is not going to be with

your shredding disc it will just chew up

your Brussels sprouts and it will look

like all little bits that's not what you

want so cabbage and Brussels sprouts if

you want to do sliced onions they go

with your slicing disk okay

this one's a little on the thick side I

personally prefer them to be a little

thinner and that's one of the reasons

that if I have a Cuisinart I would order

a small thinner disc like that one

millimeter or 2 millimeter or both or

what I do like about the Breville

honestly is underneath here is a

graduated disc so you can sort of decide

huh maybe I want them kind of thicker

today so you go all the way up to like 8

or maybe I want like a halfway or we go

to 4 then you want them really thin I

like to go just under the 1 so and that

way you only need to have the one disc

you don't need to buy you know multiple

discs ok so what we'll do is we'll set

up for the Cuisinart and we'll do some

Brussels sprouts right now ok I'm back

now we're going to use the Cuisinart to

thinly slice some Brussels sprouts I

always trim off that little end first

okay and you can put these in whole if

you want to these are pretty small so

I'll just throw these in hold and then

make sure that you're observant of where

it says max Phil what this means is that

you cannot put your ingredients above

that line because then this will not

allow this to catch and then it won't


so if you're like all the way at the top

here you're like what's going on again

on the whites no working it's because

you filled it too much so make sure that

you are where this piece here it goes

just below that and then this will catch

and then it will trigger the Machine

work okay so right now I'm gonna turn it

on and then all you have to do is push

and it will take approximately 1.7

seconds I'll I took a one second it's

not amazing it's amazing

okay so now you have thinly sliced

Brussels sprouts you can use this in a

salad you could use it in a hash you

know you could use it whatever you want

but it's pretty amazing okay back again

another way that you can use your food

processor is to pulse vegetables if you

want to chop them I will be honest with

you I don't normally chop vegetables

this way I usually do it by hand with a

knife but you can use it this way you

just have to be careful not to over

process which is why I want to show you

which button to press you're not gonna

press the on button so I have here a

peeled onion so what I'm gonna do is

just cut this into manageable pieces

like that and we're gonna use our s

blade for this this is the middle s

blade and you're gonna fit that in there

okay so put your onion pieces like that

you don't want to put a whole onion in

there or half of an onion because it's

not gonna chop up evenly now insert your

top here and then push this now on your

food processor you have off/on pulse and

dough we are going to use the pulse

button which means that you have to keep

pressing it pressing it pressing it and

that way you all over process your

onions and when I say over process what

I mean is you're not trying to make an

onion puree

you just want chopped onions so you're

just pulse like this until you get them

to do the size that you want okay


done okay so now you have you know

reasonably good chopped onions you want

it to go finer you just keep pulsing it

again but that's all it takes now you

know how to use your food processor