Fixed and Variable Expenses

fixed expenses and variable expenses

created by Miss Moore

our objective I will define compare and

contrast fix expenses and variable

expenses and categorize items into each

what is an expense the amount of money

you spend on something what are fixed

expenses expenses where the amount stays

the same each week week one week two

they are the same examples of fixed

expenses Lent is paying to live in your

house or apartment a car payment is

paying for your car insurance is paying

to protect your things if they get

broken or lost a cell phone bill is

paying to use your phone and

subscriptions like YouTube or Netflix

what are variable expenses expenses

where the amount changes each week week

1 we have 2 dollars week 2 we have 3

dollars they are not the same examples

of variable expenses groceries

entertainment clothing electricity bills

and gas what is the major difference

fixed expenses stay the same week 1 is

equal to week 2 variable expenses change

week 1 does not equal week 2


congratulations you know what fixed

expenses and variable expenses are

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