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Rolland we have a mandibular first molar

tooth that is deemed non-restrictive so

we're going to remove this tooth in

preparation for a future dental implant

now in so doing we want to use some

innovative tool tools we're going to use

something called the golden dental

wamkey the wamkey is a really neat

instrument that will help me remove the

crown in this situation

we're then going to section the root and

use the golden dental physics forceps to

a traumatically remove the mesial and

distal roots as if they were two

separate bicuspid teeth we are then

going to graph the site in preparation

for a future implant so we can see we

have a tooth that was deemed on restore

well and we're going to remove this

crown now conventionally to remove a

crown you would take some type of burr

and section the porcelain and metal on

the facial aspect onto the occlusal onto

the lingual then take some type of

instrument to to separate the mesial and

distal part of the crown and remove the

tooth thus destroying the crown which is

which is fine

you go through a lot of burrs that way

but here we want to demonstrate a little

different technique to remove the crown

we're going to use again a really

innovative tool called the golden wamkey

the way I'm key is a series of three

instruments and you can see the shape of

it there's a little ball so to speak on

the end and we're going to use this ball

to remove the crown without sectioning

the crown in total so you can see the

unique design of the instrument and what

we want to do is we're going to make a

preparation onto the facial aspect of

this crown a small elliptical hole so to

speak and we're going to penetrate

through to the occlusal table now the

question you may have is well where's

the preparation you don't really know

where the preparation is but we assume

that the preparation of this crown

is on the occlusal 1/3 of the crown so

I'm going to make a an elliptical

opening in the facial aspect of this

crown so that I can place my the ball of

the wamkey through that little hole onto

the occlusal table by the central groove

area and then simply rotate that crown

off this is a wonderful system if we

even if we weren't going to remove this

tooth if we were just going to replace a

crown it's very very innovative and

allows allows us to use this crown as a

temporary in the future which saves a

lot of time it's also wonderful for our

new zirconia crowns or Brooks or crowns

in trying to remove those can be very

difficult so making a small opening as

I'll demonstrate in a moment is pretty

innovative so you can see we're going to

make an opening in the facial aspect and

to do that what I did is I just lit need

a little marking to show you

approximately where I want to prepare

the facial aspect of this crown so to be

able to put the wamkey ball into it and

remove the crown so I just did a little

marker there to show you what I need to

do taking my high speed with it with a

burr and I'm making an elliptical

opening through the porcelain through

the metal onto the occlusal table or

where I perceive the occlusal table of

this tooth to to be present will go all

the way through and you can see it's

just a small opening and again if we

were just going to reap repair this

tooth it would be quite easy to use this

old crown as our temporary restoration

and just cover that hole with a little

composite material so I'm taking my

wamkey I'm just placing it through the

through the little hole onto the

occlusal table and then just rotating my

wrist and almost like magic

this crown pops right off so it's a very

very innovative simple way to remove a

crown in a variety of situations and

it's just a wonderful tool that you

should look look into