How to Find the Perfect Hat Part 1 | 59FIFTY Fitted | New Era Cap


what's good everybody it's your boy

sneezes and we are here at the New Era

Cap office in Southern California

with the head of brand for New Era Cap

mark maim it how you doing today I'm

good man it's good to be here I'm glad

to be here as well now I know New Era

Cap is the originator of the true fitted

the 5950 but you offer so many other

styles 950 the 920 there's so many

different ways to make your style your

own what is this all about how does this

all come to fruition yeah it's it can be

quite complicated and today we want to

try and simplify that for everyone the

cap is a signifier of individuality so

of course lots of people have lots of

different individual styles so Reve

ended up developing so many different

caps for different situations to be worn

in different ways and today we're going

to have a fun time looking at that

talking about it helping people

understand what we offer absolutely and

if someone who's worn

5950 is pretty much my entire life I

have a question what is the difference

between cap and hat and why do so many

people have these different things in in

ways that they describe them it's

interesting so actually a hat describes

anything that you put on your head

people do talk about a having a brim

that goes all the way around the outside

for a cat

has a visor or a brim right above just

at the front great so actually a cap is

part of the Hat family but it's called a

cap so you can call it whatever you want

and we'll know what it is we got a lot

to discuss today we got a lot to break

down where should we start let's do it

let's start with the the icon the 5950

let's get into it all right so the one

that I know the most about is the 5950

pity cap

I wear them all the time been wearing

them for as long as I can remember but

there are so many things that go into

making this style cap give us the

rundown how did it come to be absolutely

it's a most famous cap it's what New

Era's best known for before this cap was

designed baseball players wore all sorts

of caps they wore straw caps and jockey

caps and there's one that was the

Brooklyn style it was most commonly worn

in it it looked a little bit like this

it was much softer but it did

in 1954 Howard cook whose

second-generation owner of New Era he

designed the 5950 and I think probably

the first thing to talk about is really

the front of the cap and how steep it is

because the Brooklyn style cap was

really soft you can really see the logo

and it was designed to really pronounced

and be very proud about that team logo

and you can see that on Morgan's coming

and Boone's joined us you can see how

how easy it is to see that Logan that

didn't happen before that was something

very original from this design and I

think that's probably one of my favorite

things about it because I got a big


I would big hats all the time but I

think that you know having that that big

like prominent crown in the front really

helps to not only show your support for

your team or your favorite logo or

whatever it is but it also is like it

fits really well on someone with a head

like myself it's it's interesting

because it was actually done for a

practical reason to show that logo off

but actually what it's created is a

really iconic shape that people

recognize from the distance close-up as

being the nuria 5950 though I think one

of the other things we should quickly

talk about is just when we reference

what a fit it is and if you look at the

back of the cap you'll see there's

nothing adjustable here so a fitted cap

to wear this cap you have to measure

your own head and figure out what size

you are inside there's a size number

it's kind of interesting this is it kind

of makes it a labor of love you put it

on it starts to shape to your head it

changes over time it becomes kind of a

part of you and that's what's so

beautiful about it yeah and I think the

good thing too is that you know like you

and boo as well you both kind of you

bend your visor a little bit you make it

fit to your head and you really kind of

like create that on shape same with

Morgan as well whereas me I'm kind of

the odd man out here because I keep my



this comes back to that individuality

point you know people want to wear

things differently I want to shake

things differently and you're right you

know really changes things when you

shake the visor you know the 5950 comes

totally flat like this we often get

people saying I want to wear the one

that they wear on field well it is the

one they've just done stuff to it to

make it theirs and yo you're seen with

these guys for example boo he has this

slightly curved mine's a bit more curved

Morgan's is again slightly different

she's wearing in a different way and for

me I like to do it really slowly you

mustn't break it you mustn't do it so

quickly it breaks inside it just ease it

nice and carefully it's a bit of a labor

of love I like to tuck mine on the side

and really make it come down lower here

Boozer's game is a little bit more

shallow so you guys filtered up a little

bit to where it's like it's not so so

deep you can kind of see you know still

see his eyes to see his eyebrow where

you know a lot of people also kind of

pull them down and it's like yeah yeah I

think that that really helps its shape

to your head as well because I guess you

know with mine I keep mine flat but you

still have these little spaces here and

obviously as I do my hair different ways

and things I need a little bit of give

but I think for you and for boo it sits

really well on your head it's really

tight at the sides and that's what

happens when it mean when you curve that



and see one of the ways people wear of

course is backwards we've been doing it

for a long time actually it's

interesting to me that people within a

day will wear it forwards and backwards

they just flip it almost kind of

refreshes it throughout the day so we

see we actually see a lot of

entertainers and people to wear our caps

and they'll be wearing it one way and

then they can flip it looks of course

being a fitted captain looks awesome

that way around because it's so clean at

the front and it changes the whole style

and the whole look of what he's got

going on right now just really so yeah

we've talked a lot about this very

iconic style and and I guess one things

we have to talk about is the the 5950

sticker hey so you read my mind I was

going I was going to MIT in there

because you actually take yours off

I feel some type of way about it I do it

might be a European thing I don't know

but there's definitely culture for it to

be honor

it became incredibly famous almost as

famous as the cap itself which is a

rarity in products but that would happen

it's a unique thing we're very proud of

it it's a beautiful design people love

it you know you can see we've left it on

somebody's caps and some we haven't it's

down to a personal preference on that

one now I know you guys have a full 5950

family yeah so let's get into that let's

figure out how all these break down yeah

let's do it

so let's talk about the 5950 family so

this is interesting because the 5950

icon we just talked about is worn on the

field of play for baseball is from our

authentic collection this one is our

low-profile 5950 this is also worn on

the field of play so this is a proper

official cap okay so they get to they

get to choose on field if they want to

wear the original or the low profile

correct okay yeah so they either take

the flat buyers are in shape at

themselves or they take this one and

this is interesting because the main

difference here people love this cap the

main difference is we talked before

about the really high front right this

is slightly more curved which is why we

call it a low profile you still get that

great area to put the team logo on right

and look really proud and a Christmas

you'll see it like on Morgan for example

actually girls really like this cap

it's got very importantly here you'll

see this is a pre curved visor so we

talked a lot about curbing the visor

this one comes pre curved you can't

flatten it out it's got a perfect curve

to it obviously still got the iconic

sticker on it right and you'll see it's

fitted at the back you see with booth

again you can pull you see just the key

part there is that front crown shape is

different it's got that curve to it

alright so what's up with this guy over

here because this one has a different

sticker than we normally see on the 15

rpg's yeah well we're actually going to

talk about the retro crown which is this

shape but it's good at you bring up the

stick up because this is a heritage

series sticker so when we ever do like

Cooperstown or any kind of retro

inspired we kind of put this more retro

inspired sticker on it okay well you

know that doesn't come on every night on

it no it doesn't it normally you'd see

the the retro crown would come with the

gold 5950 sticker if you look at Morgan

you'll see that's on her cap right there

but we do have this again this Heritage

series kind of feel to this sticker so

that will go on on it sometimes okay the

style itself is it's an interesting one

it's the most recent addition to the

5950 family this was about three years

ago there's been a culture for years of

people wanting to really soften they

like the shape and the quality and the

fitted style right but I want the front

to be soft and we've even heard people

cutting out the inside as a physical

location you know inside there's a thing

called buckram which is what keeps the

cap stiff okay people go in and cut that

out and make it softer so we're like

don't need to cut it out we'll give you

will make a style that works for you so

we came up with this retro crown which

is effectively everything you know from

our 59 fifty but it's just lightly

structured inside so you can see right

here this pin collapse and if you look

at the guy's boobs wearing it you can

see this karna it's a little soft you

see dipping around the front of his cap

it works really well too because it

reminds me of the low profile but it

still sits up high like the original fat

but it kind of has that in-between feel

that's right it's so quite I never knew

people cut those out because when that

starts to happen to mine I'm like oh

well this is flimsy I gotta gotta get it

some people cut it out right from the

beginning they just were playing around

again in it goes back to that

individuality and the kind of cap

culture and how people love it it's like

an amazing object I'm gonna want to play

around with it so we love them that's

fine to do as well but we also want to

try and give people what they want and

this one this one comes with the black

visor as well so but this one all of

them come flat visor but you can again

shaper yourself if you want to that's a

cap culture we love it that people love

caps and do things to him it's forever

changing people at that things trends

change we've always got people out

talking to our the fans of our brand and

caps and so we're always developing new

fit silhouettes fabrications it's great

we love it and this is the newest one in

the 5954 yeah that's I'm learning so

much today I feel like I'm in school

well I'll try and be the teacher if that

works I'll do my best you're doing a

good job but you know that's I mean this

is great this is the 5950 family we have

the icon the low profile and the retro

crown and yeah we're really proud of

them and we love it the people like them