alright folks you got Mitchell here so

we're going to do another video today

this one here I think is going to be one

of my favorites even though we haven't

even done it yet a lot of times there's

gimmicks out there that people tell you

or a lot of times there's information

that's given to you that you accept

right away as truth and I think that

that's a mistake a lot of people are out

there to burn you and I want to disprove

something today so the number one thing

I want to talk about here fire safes

they tell you to put all your valuable

stuff inside put your passports put

pictures put etc and if your house burns

down your safes going to be ok well

we're going to put that to the test

today so I got a big fart while I got

the start of a big fire going behind me

we'll give her about 20 minutes and

she'll be roaring I got a brand new fire

safe I just bought in the box it

actually says in big letters on it fire

protection so let's put it to the test

today let's find out are they talking

about you can hold your lighter

underneath it and it's going to be okay

or are we going to burn that [ __ ]

because realistically if if you're going

to put a fire test to the fire safe to

the test your home is going to burn down

you're going to dig through the rubble

you're going to find it you're going to

open it and hopefully your valuables are

inside I see a bunch of issues with this

number one your passport has like a

plastic lining on the outside paper

cannot handle a heavy heavy-duty heat

you know if you put USB drives with your

pictures of your son etc on there I mean

I just don't see how a lot of these

things are going to work out so I've got

a whole bunch of dummy stuff that I did

here so I've got some pictures you know

I got a passport which I put inside a CD

case because the CD case is plastic and

I mean at the same time people keep CDs

of their children's pictures and [ __ ] I

also have some money here I printed out

some hundred dollar bills if you see

that hundred dollar bills and I got a

USB Drive that someone would have liked

pictures of their son etc a family let

Allah and I got a pencil case I don't

know about you guys sometimes when I

keep money I put it in pencil cases if

it up throw it and safe we're going to

throw all those things inside that and

we're going to see where we land at the

end of Burnett for a while I also got a

gold earring in here - just a little

piddly piddly gold earring but we're

going to throw that in there - so I'm

going to get this thing off

and then we'll come back at you okay I

just about got her licked here so I got

the Box open there it is that's our safe

it's pretty heavy-duty I'd say this

thing weighs a good 15 pounds for sure

if you open up the lid it's got some

instructions across the top here it says

that the fires for it to be fire proof

that the lid needs to be closed and that

it needs to be horizontal that

horizontal thing is a big trick right

there I mean are you telling me that if

I had this on a shelf somewhere and


the fire burnt out the trust and it fell

to its side it's over with what if I had

it upstairs and the fire burns through

the floor trusts and it falls into the

basement and doesn't land [ __ ] flat

is it going to be no good anymore that's

some pretty sketchy stuff right there

but either way I'm going to take my

stuff like I showed you okay so we've

got our passport we'll put that in there

picture of the wife in Mexico burn that

so she doesn't think about Mexico I got

the USB Drive I got our paper money

which we're going to put it inside there

we've got our pencil case and I had that

little Emeritus right there and then a

little gold earring right there so we're

going to put her all inside and we're

going to get it lit up on the fire here

and see how she goes so let me just

break the fire now okay so we got a good

hot fire going here so just get try to

open her up a little bit make a nice

little flat spot since it's B in

particular and it says it says it's got

to be flat so we got a spot right there

want to get it going here here we go

fire safe check she's all latched nice

and tight just to prove everybody that I

did lock it and I am gonna sit it on


horizontal oh yeah buddy

yeah so she's on there and now we're

gonna see what happens so right away you

can see that the outside of that is

actually increasing the flames I'm not

entirely sure what the deal is with that

it smells like plastic hope it don't

piss the neighbors off too much pick you

up here need a second to adjust camera

yeah so you can see right there cheeese

are burning so we're going to let this

sit for a while I mean if your house

caught fire it's not going to burn in

five minutes it's going to burn over the

course of an hour hour and a half fire

department's going to come all that fun

stuff so we're going to let this burn

for a little bit and I'll come back and

show you a little in-between yeah so

there's no question that she's made of

plastic you can see the top part there

if the plastic is burning off of it you

can see the line right here it's moving

through and the fire is increased

because of it so I got big ol bundle of

some stuff here you know it's not just

gonna burn from the bottom just gonna

burn from the top too so

I'm gonna load this right someone take

Christmas tree the things you find in

your backyard hey well it stinks like

plastic though

big-time stinks like plastic I'm gonna

keep loading it yeah buddy

better narrow narrow narrow narrow yeah

buddy that's how we do er roasts the old

marshmallows on the plastic fire nothing

wrong with that at all

[ __ ] that smell a plastic kind of gets

you hungry makes you think hey let's

break out the chocolate smores kit and

see if we can get her to go even though

this has been in the closet for the

better part of two years there we go

poisonous chocolate smores marshmallow

yeah buddy

I'm just [ __ ] kidding I'm not gonna

eat that garbage that stuff's been in

there for so long and that's so poisoned

we don't want no part of that okay so

it's time I've had her on there roasting

for a while as you can see the fires

burnt down so we're going

in here here and as you can see as well

it was horizontal so there was no tilted

over about it holy can Jesus

okay so that's like a gern aid oh she

looks firm doesn't it well you can't see

her let's do that so there you go

looks like something out of a time

capsule okay so now here's the question

okay we got the got the box but how are

we gonna open it I mean the law is gone

so that's one thing we're gonna have to

figure out I think we're gonna have to

drop her on her side or something let's

see if we can get it better I want to

get a good shot of it there it is okay

let's see if we can break her open she's

nuclear I guess she's nucular

oh okay so one swing and she popped okay

nope it didn't so there's the top you

can see it's some kind of a concrete is

what it looks like all melty you ride

how are we gonna get into her okay so

all the concrete breaks up well there

you go you can actually see what the

interior this thing looks like all that

heavy weight bits are more that's all

like a concrete material and we're left

with the plastic liner from the inside

of the box which doesn't actually feel

very strong Ellie I do is figure about

you dinner give me two seconds I'll open

her Lou go ahead to get some more tools

so I got I got a second hammer so we're

doing a to hammer deal and I got a sharp

knife so the box itself is naturally

that hot anymore I got a little lip open

okay I'm in I got in you can see this we

got you on the video here you can see me

well holy [ __ ] boys and girls up there

you ready for this

it's a little bit warm still for that

our stuff inside it it's a hundred

percent pencil case check USB and it's

it's warm but you know what the plastic

and everything on that is a hundred

percent our money no problem at all

she's good to go

oh pretty that one though so there's our

plastic CD case so she warped a little

bit but you know what the passport

itself would have been okay there's your

picture hundred percent okay and a

little drift off gold earring 100% okay

well folks there it is that's the

remnants of the box so as you can see

it's just a plastic it's a plastic box

it's designed to seal I guess and that

has all the insulated material which

looks like this on the outside once you

burn off the case but that there test is

a hundred percent that worked a hundred

percent so I actually didn't think he

was going to turn out so great there it

is fire safes are actually fire safe

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