How to install a fiberglass swimming pool.

on this episode watch Damien is crew and

store and fill up a fiberglass swimming

pool just a couple of days


okay so we're getting started this

morning we're going to excavate for a

swimming pool let's start digging

it's bright and early Monday morning and

there's just no time to waste

pool season right around the corner

with the excavation complete it's now

time to compact the sub-base let's see

how it's done so here we have our two

compactors that we use for the bottom of

a pool each one of them has a different

job this one here is obviously a lot

bigger than this one hits with a lot

more force and we use this to compact

the subgrade where this guy here is more

for just leveling out gravel in getting

small jobs like that done


this compactor makes quick work of the

job we'll be ready for the gravel base

in no time

so now we're going to get ready to

establish the level of the pool the

first thing we're going to do is set our

our grade right here we have our transit

over there basically figure out what

height we want to set the pool at we

already figured this but now we want to

make sure that we get our screed rods in

so that when we screed the gravel or






okay so now we're finishing up getting

the basin here level then we're going to

take an install gravel going across the

back and discrete it out


another thing you'll notice is that we

use all gravel we don't use any sand we

don't use item for another thing that we

use is angular this is all crushed

we don't use any round stuff round

stuffs like little balls it tends to

want to move this stuff once it's packed

in you can see there's barely any

compaction that you're gonna be able to

do after here we are filling her up

okay so now we got the gravel all in

screen it out and we're ready to use

this compactor

this is just going to give us a little

bit of compaction on here and we're all

set to basically


okay so now we're done compacting and we

are ready to set the pool in the hole so

the pool is coming tomorrow and that's

what you're going to see that


okay so now that we've marked out where

we're gonna put our fittings and return

fittings and our light fittings we're

going to install them the first thing we

do is I always just check and make sure

I've got the right size hole saw every

once in a while you grab the wrong one

these are our returns and the also

doubles our light fittings and then here

we have our our suctions some people

call that main drains tools we need to

do this are kind of laid out right here

we have something pliers up here that's

so we can um tighten these fittings

around the backside of the pool you have

paper towels and we have silicone seal

it up and of course we have a mask so we

don't have to breathe this stuff in so

let's do it








now the fittings are in this pool is

ready for backfill and water will be

swimming in no time



now we have the pool in the ground as

you saw before which level we have the

water in the pool it's been backfilled

and the concrete locking collar has been

placed around the pool at this stage

this pool is ready for coping thanks for

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