FERS Retirement Calculator

hello this is brandon christie president

of retirement benefits institute

are you considering FERS retirement and

wondering if it is possible one of the

biggest concerns that federal employees

face is will I have enough money to

sustain my current standard of living

retirement benefits institute offers a

FERS retirement calculator to help you

answer this question the year you were

born is where where we will start in

order to use the FERS retirement

calculator we will need to verify your

FERS eligibility your federal retirement

eligibility for a FERS employee is

determined by age and length of service

an employee's minimum retirement age or

MRA is dependent on the year in which

they were born see this chart to

determine your MRA take note that if you

were born between 1953 and 1964 you have

to be at least 56 to go out on an

immediate annuity in 1970 or later you'd

have to be 57 knowing your MRA will

allow you to begin preparing for federal

retirement then we need to know your

estimated age at retirement first

employees have levels of federal

retirement eligibility if an employee

has at least 30 years of first service

they may retire at their MRA some

federal employees may not plan to work a

full 30 years of service for this reason

there are two other eligibility options

FERS employees with at least 20 years of

service may retire at age 60 and any

FERS employee may retire at age 62 with

at least five years of service even with

30 years of service you must still wait

until your MRA to retire if you

immediately want full benefits some

employees with very demanding jobs such

as law enforcement officers firefighters

air traffic controllers are covered

under FERS special provisions and

they're allowed to retire earlier than

other FERS employees without suffering

penalties to their federal benefits

special provisions employees become

eligible for retirement

age 50 with at least 20 years of special

provision service or any age with at

least 25 years of service as long as at

least 20 of which must be special

provision service the year you were born

and the age you will retire are two key

factors in your FERS retirement

calculation entering this information

will then generate FERS federal

retirement eligibility and by completing

the FERS retirement calculator this

information answers the lingering

question of whether the federal

retirement is even an option as well as

providing an estimate of potential

income at various ages now to begin your

personalized FERS retirement calculator

follow the links in this video this is

Brandon Christie with retirement

benefits Institute and we are here to

help you have a successful retirement