All Ferro Rods Should Have A Point On Them!

I don't know if this is just a function

of my body style my height but when I go

to pin down tinder with a fair ride the

bottom of it wants to kick out it wants

to buckle and if there's a point on the

end of the feral rod it will stabilize


now I compensated for the way the bottom

was wanting to kick out yesterday but

that put me in an uncomfortable position

so if I'm trying to get ignition as

quickly as possible which was the theme

of what I was doing yesterday I can't

really do it if I'm worried about trying

to stabilize this spare rod to keep it

from kicking out let me show you that

thirty seconds of video

all right so I know that a point on the

end of a Ferro rod will work because for

two years I had what I call a spare rod

where I drilled a hole in the bottom of

the fair rod epoxied a paneling nail in

the end of it

which I call the sphere and that's why I

called it the spare rod so the point

fell out of my last one I think I made

two over the course of two years I made

two and I wore my other fair rod down so

much here this I'm not gonna glue

another spear into my fair rods but they

definitely didn't need to have a point

on them I think I think all fair rods

ought to have a point on them even those

people that always take and set their

striker set it close to the tender and

then pull the fair out away even those

people sometimes pin down tinder so it

wouldn't hurt for them to have a point

on their far right either

I cannot send it on my bigger fare like

that idea

but it doesn't need to be centered



that's where I had my spear glued in

and this is how I touch up the spine on

all of my knives that I intend to scrape

with hold it on my core side of my

diamond stone if you saw yesterday's

video you should have been impressed

with a long lasting the spine on this

was how long a straight sharp and I

noticed this morning that it had dulled

so it doesn't take much to get that

spine good and sharp again and even more

than that to have just the least little

bar right there you don't want too much

bar because the what you scrape off the

ther rod the molten piece of metal will

stick to that instead of dropping into

your tender so let's go ahead and try

five more pine needle tinder bundles see

if it's easier it took fifteen scratches

yesterday to ignite all five let's see

how it goes today


you didn't say yesterday's video I'll

have a link in the description you need

to go back and watch it that video will

show you exactly how I pine needle yes I

turned the word into a verb to sort of

describe that the videos going to show

you everything that I do use fine you

attend to them gather know what species

they are how to identify them that

there's not really SAP in them resin in

them like most people thinks that there


wonder what kind of bird that is

is that one of the cause of the mourning

dove might make

as trying to point be fair

and it puts laughing back on there

so everything would be the same as it

was yesterday

see our pine needles are actually more

damp than they were yesterday after I

first took them out of the Sun that's

all right it's just more of a challenge

flame up go out flame up go up

yeah these things have Azure has

absorbed moisture overnight while

underneath the house it's so wet under



so as you see when there's a point on

the end of it even when you have

stubborn pine needles that don't want to

burn I did way better than 15 strikes

that I did yesterday and the tinder was

completely dry which it's not dry today

I think you ought to consider if you use

my technique of pinning down tinder

getting a point on the end you Ferro rod

you don't have to have a grind during

the drill you can use the file you could

take a hacksaw and cut a three-sided

point a four-sided point but tries to

summit your fair rods out with a point

owner and let me know if it's if it's

any better

alright so appreciate you joining me on

this one we'll catch you on the next one