I Got STD Tested For The First Time | Health


hey guys I'm Molly I'm a sexually active

22 year old woman and until recently I

had never been STD tested I know I know

so what took me so long excuses like I

don't have time for this I always use a

condom my partner would tell me if they

had STDs hmm or the fact that I thought

I needed a primary care physician or an

OBGYN to do it and I don't have either

hmm I'm here to tell you that was all

wrong wrong wrong wrong a wise little

birdie told me that urgent care clinics

offer STD tests

so to Urgent Care I went


tis I Molly of New York here to have my

genitals checked for health


just kidding you don't need to announce

to everyone why you're there I type my

personal info and to an ATM like

check-in kiosk and filled out my reason

for visit on a good old-fashioned piece

of paper never have I felt more relieved

to have almost no human interaction I

made it through the waiting room portion

without any judgment or scarlet letters

in the exam room a nurse took my blood

pressure and temperature

listen to my lungs and checked my

stomach for tenderness she gave me two

options for my STD panel option a the

full panel a urine test for chlamydia

and gonorrhea and a blood test for HIV

syphilis and hepatitis B and C or option

B just the Aaron test my doctor said

that since I didn't have mouth or

genital sores mm-hmm I didn't need to be

tested for herpes I chose the full panel

When in Rome

first I gave a urine sample I won't

explain how that works then the nurse

took two small vials of my blood and

patched me up with a souvenir bandage I

was in and out in 30 minutes

it took three painfully slow days to get

my results back

wasn't actually painful

I'm just very impatient when the results

were ready they were posted online on a

private site that is each test result

had a reference range and a result of

compared to a negative test would say

are there negative or nonreactive and

all of mine did more of the story

getting STD tested is easy and painless

minor needle prick excluded ow