Become a poet - STARTER KIT [32/40]

evening so today I've got a question

from JC Jade for the 40 questions in

Lent series I'm doing on this channel

and JC says could you make a video about

your poach process like how do you get

in touch with your feelings to be able

to put them on paper and tips those who

want to get into poetry I want to but

when I picked up a pen I didn't know

where to start so for those of yous

might be your first video and I make

poetry on the internet and that is like

the funnest part of what I do on the

internet I think I've written poems

about creativity and brexit and who gets

to say you tubers dead while I still

consider myself quite a new poet or even

using the word poet towards myself is

like feels a bit weird I have actually

been writing poetry for quite some time

the first thing I want to say the first

thing I want to reiterate is that nobody

taught me how to write poetry you can

learn how to get better at poetry how to

free yourself up because really it's

it's I think it's a mental thing as well

there will be building work noises in

the back of this video because if you do

own a beautiful London townhouse in the

middle of zone - why wouldn't you extend

it further into your rented neighbor's

garden if there is a merrier to entry in

your head you have fundamentally

misunderstood the purpose of territory

to be honest I would never ever have

gone near poetry if it wasn't for a

teacher that I had in my sixth form who

got me really into Philip Larkin who is

still my favorite poet to date I would

say and here's my favorite poem by him

it just goes the first thing I have

understood time is the echo of an axe

within a wood that is literally the

whole poem well you know when to

university I could probably name

literally two to three poets when I

started at university I could probably

only name three poets William

Shakespeare work Philip Larkin I'm Carol

Ann Duffy that's probably it if you

think people who have been writing

poetry have been secretly weaned on

poetry you like your rock leg along like

well welcome of course there a way to

learn how to get better at poetry of

course it's important to know who other

poets are and study them and look at why

they're successful and successful in

your eyes in fact my friend Jenn runs a

poetry course that's online and I will

leave a link below to that because that

sounds so fun but it's kind of like

Dolores and Cartier sirs and Sister Act

- don't ask me

about being a right if when you wake up

in the morning you can think of nothing

but writing then you're arrived I also

want to reiterate that it is okay to be

bad for a long time and perhaps I still

am bad but I just wanted to share with

you I use have a poetry blog at uni and

I want to share with you one of the

poems I thought it was ok to put up on

the internet now I'm not saying as if

I'm on a poetry show myself but I'm just

going to give you a sample of how much

my poetry has changed maybe

this poem is called you are the toy in

my cereal

you're the toy in my cereal the penny in

my path I hope you start to notice

you're the sparkle in my laugh you're

the book I'll never finish their

curiosity never ends also my life

turning pages we'll spend our life being

friends you're the wagon wheel at break

you're the excitement of the Faire

you're the change in my pocket I forgot

was even there you're the reason for my

whistle when I should be in dismay

you're the doodle in my notebook you're

the fourth leaf on my day to write

poetry simply for me you need to feel

strongly enough about something or be

curious and I've got something that you

want to kind of almost in a creative way

throw up like you don't have time to

write a novel about it don't have time

to write a song about it you don't have

time to unpack it in an intellectual

essay and that's why I think some poetry

is so powerful because it has this

visceral like where I say ass where a

silhouette visceral every video it has

this immediacy to it and when I

discovered slam poetry I also fell in

love with the idea of like a boss

flatline like an explosive shutdown last

line so really what it is is just having

a feeling like that and also knowing

what you think sounds good so it's good

to absorb lots of different kinds of

poetry and I thought I would give you

some examples of some that I really like

the first one is mistakes in the

background by Laura da cruel this is a

doodle notebook of all of her poetry and

it is bloody amazing and it really frees

up your verse it's genuinely really

clever and well-structured but it also

frees up your mind to what a poem could

be there's more classical stuff like the

roof of the lock which is one that I

read at University and where I realized

how much I love rhyming terms that have

to rhyme but I feel like

there is hidden humor in them rhyming

and this is the most playful old poetry

book you'll ever read Carol Ann Duffy

this is my favorite collection by Hertz

called rapture I found the words in the

back of the drawer wrapped in black

cloth like three rings slipped from a

dead woman's hand cold dole gold and I

held them before years ago then put them


forgetting whatever it was I could use

them to say I touched the first to my

lips the second the third like a

sacrament like a pledge and my breath

warmed them the words I needed to utter

this small words and few I rubbed them

until they gleamed in my palm I love you

I love you I love you until they renew

what cake tempers to let them eat chaos

which is a political and risk with just

so many simple words that's but so many

beautiful concepts and this is that

loads of different people's nights and

London looking at the sky and wondering

what the world is going to come to in

the future and it's really really that's

another very different one George the

poet search party can't find the

collection right now but that is a cross

between like spoken word rap and poetry

and political it's melodical in the way

it's put together so like Laura Dawe

is not intimidating to read it doesn't

have like some kind of pentameter to get

your your mind into it's just it's just

reading words and there's also tales

maps in suburbia which isn't a poetry

collection but it's a really great

little short stories Illustrated

sometimes just on one page this one's

called the water buffalo about a water

buffalo who sits in a field and directs

people where to go in the village and

they're just are they really helped me

write poetry because they're a whole

story contained in like fairly any words

and which is essentially what poetry is

and then lastly poetry please which is a

radio for collection of poems I always

dip into because I don't feel like I

really have a great wealth of knowledge

about poetry and that's got maybe like

one or two poems more of the greatest

poets ever so it's a good way to

discover the stuff that I want without

having to like completely immerse myself

in this huge box Bridge world of poetry

that I just don't

they started off not really having

access to it and now I'm older I just

like I like so much dust I don't have

time to know about all of the and

historical well-known poets so that's a

really great way to like have them all

on your shelf and dip into some random

bits of inspiration another huge

resource is slam poetry on the Internet

favorite poet online has to be mark

Grist who I've seen live now but I could

have discovered him cuz he wrote a poem

called I like a girl who reads then he

did one called and you were the hottest

of all of the gingers and he does slam

battles with students because he's a

teacher he does like funny slam battles

with some of his gobby students or

people who are playing his gobby

students in the in the real planets are

just I'll link that below there's also

loads of other busts and poetry poems

and really excited about this as you can

tell so I'm probably going to leave

loads of my favorite and slam poems in

the description please go and look at

those because it really helps to hear

things there's one called monster

which is my favorite which is a girl who

just rearranges all of the words in a

rap song in order of frequency so it

starts off being like the house car

light and then it goes to dee dee dee

dee ah-ah-ah-ah and then the end of it

is just

but it's phenomenal there's lots of

experimental poets online at the moment

and I'm addicted I'll even walk alone

but really just find a rhythm that

captures your imagination and just keep

that maybe even memorize I also find it

interesting to memorize some poetry of

other people so I have it in my head and

it's like this I don't know like having

knowing somebody else's poetry inside

out I find helps me write my own and and

helps me really understand how it works

and how it works to be said aloud as

well so I think you can read apparently

all that was nice but you don't really

know something until you learn it off by

heart I don't think does that maybe some

really traditional roles the way you

write poetry the way I write poetry is

on my phone on the bus when I'm going

somewhere I think that it is a kind of

performative and falsified idea for me

to sit down and be like I'm going to

write poetry now honestly the way that I

find most helpful is to use it as a

procrastination tool it's something that

I do when I'm supposed to be doing

something else and often I'll hear a

phrase or I'll think thought or like

summarize something to somebody in some

way with a sentence I'll write that

sentence in my phone and then later I'll

come back and build off that one

sentence usually that sentence is their

kind of pivotal sentence of the whole

poem and I unpack it later or I put that

sentence right at the end because I

think that's got the most punch and

that's what usually

what captures your imagination about a

poem should be the last line at the end

I think I wanted to answer this question

even though I don't really have an

answer because I love poetry and I want

people to write it and I now consider

myself a poet even though I never used

to feel as I was qualified and again my

friend Joan Campbell makes way better

poetry videos for me I'm going to link

them below thanks for watching I'm

making 40 videos during Lent

so do click here to watch the whole

playlist leave your poetry

recommendations down to Ed for me or if

you write poetry let me know where you

put it frog slug out