Urinary Catheter Removal

good morning my name is Heidi I'm going

to be the nurse taking care of you today

can you please tell me your name and

date of birth


I can't be I was just looking through

your orders and doctor said that we can

get rid of that catheter

so I can tell you coming out as much

easier than going in okay

first thing I'm going to do before we

start the process of woman campers I'm

going to make sure that bag is empty



so I can reach you

one of the things I want you to keep in

mind after we remove the remove this

catheter is that I need you to let us

know next time you go to the bathroom we

need to make sure you're able to to pee

now you could add earlier that's why we

had to put the catheter in so let me

know next time you have to go so we can

make sure that you're going enough so

the cancer doesn't have to go back again

I'm gonna kind of get you back in that

uncomfortable position again

and how they get those why


ready to start

towel or absorbent pad or something

underneath here just in case it dribbles

a little bit when it comes out



I'm three I'm going to take this out

two three


can't be there since

they can get up and use the restroom

call me for help get up this first time

just to make sure you're not weak or

dizzy we'll make sure that they

that you're going

colitis to your right


or anything else I can get for you today


okay I will be back to check on you