DIY Faraday Phone Bag [Prep 365: EP105]

hey everyone Morgan here so today I'm

going to be making a fairy day phone

pouch for my phone so you can buy these

you know professionally made like from

you know silent pocket and there's a

bunch of different brands and things

like that but I'm gonna try to make my

own and just kind of see if it works

I've seen a lot of tutorials online

showing the same process I've made

something similar this is a similar

process on how you would make a Faraday

cage kind of but I'll just kind of show

you the process okay so first of all

you're gonna want something like paper

cardboard would be preferred about

something paper this is a construction

paper so we're gonna try with paper and

then we're gonna have the tinfoil I'm

gonna wrap I'm gonna tape all this up so

basically when it comes to any sort of

Faraday anything you want every single

little piece of everything taped up okay

so nothing should there shouldn't be any

type of you know signals getting in here

so you want everything taped up so I

have two sheets of paper here and then



so you want it snug

okay so just kind of fold it over the

best that you can and don't worry about

the top for now alright once you've

sealed everything you may have to come

back and steal some more you know once

you do your test but once you've sealed

everything is I ran out of the gorilla

tape so I went over my existing gorilla

tape with either tape so once you have

it all you basically you know you just

really want to make sure everything is

sealed sealed sealed everything is

pressed down you know really really


okay so now it's time for the aluminum

foil I'm going to wrap this three times

with aluminum foil and then I'm going to

come back and I'm going to wrap the

aluminum foil with more paper so again

you know you're sealing everything up

again with the tape okay so I have about

three layers here I'm gonna make sure

the phone still fits looks good alright

now it's time to wrap the paper around

the aluminum frame and then take that up

alright once you have your outer layer

all set up then you want to seal the

layers of top together okay so I'm gonna

take some tape and just seal the top

layers all together and make sure

they're sewed up really good together

all right so the phone calls be made to

the cell phone inside there's no

vibration your calls been forward so you

know with with this or any type of

Faraday cage you have to make sure that

there's absolutely no gaps okay there's

no gaps in any of your layers so what I

did on the outside here is I actually

wrapped the entire thing in tape just to

make sure that everything is really

secure plus you know you have to make

sure that there's just no gaps in any of

the layers that you make in your first

layer and your foil layer and of course

in your last layer you gotta make sure

there's no gaps okay so really pay

attention to make sure there's

absolutely no gaps but I call this

pretty good you know I would keep

wanting to test it and just make sure

that you know it's it's still gonna be

good but I might make a couple more just

kind of refine a little bit I I think

the next time I do it I'm gonna

literally wrap every single layer in

tape just like I did this outside just

to make extra sure that you know I am

securing those potential gaps but but

yeah so now I know that there's a lot of

debate when it comes to Faraday cages in

general right and there's also a lot of

to be about just you know whether

they're going to even protect it whether

these homemade things will protect it

whether the things that you come by will

protect your stuff you know so there's a

lot of debate so do it don't do it but

you know do a lot of testing with

whatever you decide to do and there's a

lot of Preppers that are like well if I

don't want to use my phone I'm certainly

not going to use a Faraday cage you know

to hide my stuff I'm just gonna break my

phone and get rid of it and that's on

you okay you want to get rid of your

phone get rid of your phone all right

there's no right or wrong answer here

okay this is just you know the Faraday

option is just a really quick way to get

yourself off-grid for a minute like if

that's all you need you know just like a

few minutes to get off-grid or whatever

you know or intermittent or intermittent

it intermittent

do they um or you know whatever the case

may be I don't know or maybe you think

that an EMP is coming you want to

protect your stuff and you're out and

about and you know you don't have your

big ol little Faraday cage with you you

just have this right this is a nice

portable option for at least you know

your device and and and your charging

cables as well you'll want to throw

those in there as well

so anyway thank you all so much for

watching take this information as you

will you know there's lots of companies

down below to where you can actually buy

your the Faraday bags and I'm gonna put

a link down below to those people I'm

not sponsored or anything or make your

own DIY version thank y'all so much for

watching conquer tomorrow preparing

today like tell everybody