Family of Procreation Definition & Example Video & Lesson.

kevin and susan to videogame enthusiasts

met at a local gaming convention the

pair quickly hit it off and became great

friends it was no surprise when Kevin

and Susan began dating a few weeks after

the convention

two years later Kevin and seasoned

married within 10 years they had three


Todd Cindy and Mike Kevin and Susan are

both computer engineers believe

education is important and value

creativity and individuality so they've

decided to bring up their children to

share these same values in this example

we just described Kevin and Susan's

family of procreation simply put family

of procreation refers to the family that

we create when we marry someone and have

or adopt children in the example above

Kevin and Susan's family of procreation

consists of each other and their three


Todd Cindy and Mike when we get married

and have children we can influence our

children's socialization and teach them

the values and behaviors that we deem


we can also influence our kids

personalities as well as impact how our

kids develop and learn sociologists

often compare family of procreation to

family of orientation while these terms

may sound similar they refer to two

different types of families family of

orientation refers to the family that we

are born into and raised in well we have

some choice over our family of

procreation that is we get to choose our

spouses and if we have or adopt children

we do not get to pick our family of