How can you tell if your Root Canal Treatment has failed? - Dr. Sangeeta Honnur


hi I'm dr. Sangeeta horn or founder of

smile elements dental behlendorf and


failing root canal can usually by

diagnosed by the subjective or objective

clinical symptoms clinical

investigations and radiographs so

usually we do see patients come in

complaining of pain with the treated

root canal which was probably done

earlier so we do check the history of

the root canal and do a certain

clinically tests where we do check if

there is a pocket depth that's

increasing and there is a percussion

test where we you tap the tooth in check

and followed by x-rays so usually when

you see an x-ray is what gives you an

idea of probably how the root canal was

done I mean mainly what we see in the

x-ray is actually the filling the

oxidation that's the only thing what you

can say if it's done well or not done

well so in spite of sometimes when we

see the root canal is done where we do

see failures that happen which could be

because of other reasons that have

happened during the cleaning shaping

irrigation process of the tooth and in

spite of all that that is followed well

it could be because of the crown that

was placed after the root canal was done

because a lot of studies have been done

that show that endodontic therapy is

very much dependent on how the

prosthetic calm process has gone after

that if there's no good integrity

between the crown and the root canal to

the failure of the root canal is much

higher so that's the call that's I mean

that's how you get to know how the root

canal has failed and basically that's

where you take it forward to see if that

- prognosis for that tooth is good if a

reai CT can be initiated or a better

ground that has to be put or along with

the RCR CT and the crown does it need

any of micro sec to me that has to be

done to the safe that oath can be here