Pigment VS Dye

today I just want to quickly go over the

differences between pigment and dye and

we're going to see what's different by

just looking at them and you'll get an

idea of what you can use them for this

is pigment okay get it this is dye dye

is more like an ink and pigment is more

like really really pure acrylic paint

water on it if that's epoxy resin you

can get all sorts of really cool effects

depending how much you put in and what

you do with it

this is pigment we would mix this red

into the into the resin almost like

plastic and a kid's toy when it cures it

so one last test it's just raw canvas

for building canvasses so super

absorbent pigment a rot die okay pigment

you can get that type of look dye you

can get all sorts of digit looks right

what do people use pigment to die for

when they're making art with you foxy

resin I don't know you buy it and you

experiment with it and that's all the

people are doing they're taking pigments

and they're taking guys and they're

mixing it in with this material and just

coming up with new ways to make their

art so that's why you would use it if

you wanted to hopefully this video was

helpful and just showing you the

differences between dye and pigment so

you kind of get an understanding of what

when you prefer to work with thanks for