How to Use a Dutch Oven | Consumer Reports

what single kitchen tool can do the work


all of these here are eight reasons to

use a dutch oven


one of these heavy cast iron pots with a

lid usually covered in colorful enamel

can take on nearly every cooking job you

signed it up for

need more convincing to add this

versatile workhorse to your kitchen


a high scoring dutch oven in our ratings

only costs about 70 bucks

since they're made of cast iron dutch

ovens provide even heat and retain that

heat well

that's why they're great for slow

cooking stews or tenderizing tough cuts

of meat

they can maintain a low and slow heat to

simmer a sauce that needs all day to

cook down

not to mention boil the water for pasta

they effortlessly reach high

temperatures on a stove top

to sear meat beautifully the dutch oven

can take high

oven temperatures turning out instagram

worthy loaves of bread at over 400


on the opposite end of the spectrum

chill your dutch oven in the fridge

to keep salads cold or fill it with ice

and it's a cooler

dutch ovens are attractive and can go

from stovetop to oven

to your table and when it's all over

their enamel coating makes them easy to

clean with soap and water

finally your dutch oven will last you a


for more information and our exclusive

dutch oven ratings go to cr.org

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