they're just going to go over like

safety car setup

cooling how to get yourself comfortable

in the vehicle

so this is really critical if you're

looking at building a drift car

or in the process of building one right

now so safety

very critical we're doing a dangerous

motorsport stuff happens

drifting is one of the safer motorsports

that's actually one of the reasons i

kind of first chose it to really get

into i didn't want to lose my life but a

roll cage

or a roll bar at the very least you

absolutely need it

i understand just getting started and

you're the only car on the track

um not having a roll cage i understand

it to a degree but honestly even still

you could roll over like

[ __ ] happens so at least at the very

least get a four point roll cage as well

as gives you a good spot to mount

your harness on it doesn't need to be

formula drift spec or quite as crazy as

this roll cage

we've added on like the rally pillars


wheel intrusion bars but six point is


the main hoop with the down bars that's

your four point

and then having these a-pillars that

come all the way together

and then um attaching them with some

door bars so that's like your basic

six-point cage

next would be a good seat believe it or


a seat is really gonna make a difference

and assuming you're the

main person usually driving your car

just get it set for where you like being

comfortable and leave it you don't

necessarily need like a full halo

driver's seat like this this is a little


this car just before moving forward this

car was built as like our backup formula

drift car so some of the stuff

is a little above and beyond what most

people are going to need

you can get non-fia you just won't be

able to use it in like competition or

things like that but as long as it's

from a reputable brand

it's still going to be just as safe but

a nice bucket seat is going to keep you


and keep you keep stuck there if you're

getting a crash

seat belt is so critical please don't

just get a four point get at least a

five point or six point there's not a

huge difference between five and six


this is called the anti-submarine belt

um you basically either have two that

kind of wrap your legs or one going down

the middle

two's a little step safer the reason why

anti-submarine is super critical and i

never recommend four-point belts

is it's pretty self-explanatory in the

name submarine

so in the event of a crash you'll

literally go out

under the belts and into there and it's


it's gonna be a gross mess please get at

least a five point belt

um again get it from a reputable company

doesn't need to be

fia which kind of brings you to the next

one a good steering wheel

depending on the vehicle that you have i

really prefer these kind of deep dish

wheels they put them a little bit closer

to you than a stock steering wheel would


you're really looking to have this part

of your arm

be 90 degrees so whether it's like here

or up here

doesn't necessarily matter that's

preference but you don't want to be


you know like a loco way back all


and you definitely don't want to be

right up here either so just look for

90 degrees right there and you can kind

of have it wherever you want some type

of steering wheel

not ebay crap we've seen those break it

does happen believe it or not this is

super critical

a lot of these things are but for real

get some type of fire extinguisher in

your vehicle

um we have a fire suppression system

that's a lot more money

and more complication but it it is a lot


so if you're doing like a full build do

a fire suppression

if you can't afford it or aren't ready

to you know pull a trigger on that at

the very least get a two pound fire


wait wait is awesome because it

literally affects every part of your

performance it affects your

acceleration which way you want to go

less less weight the better pretty much

like for drifting at least so at least

with this car

um we pulled out all the air

conditioning the heating the radio

gutted the door panels got rid of the

glass got rid of all like the floor

matting the headliner all that stuff so

that's a

believe it or not a ton of weight it

really all adds up speaking of weight

you can take it even a little level


lexan windows are really good this car

we just put lexa and windows all around

side windows don't weigh all that much

but these rear windows

and especially windshields are so heavy

they're like

40-50 pounds it's a good thing to do as

well as

gutting your trunk that kind of goes in

with the interior but take your

damn spare tire out of there um so we

actually did a video on drift missiles

so you can check that out in abuses some

of these guys are like just out of

control they'll literally have their


full of stuff full of their jack their

tools things like that get all that

stuff out of there not only is it extra

weight that you're just carrying around

for no reason

i actually saw one guy that had all that

stuff in his trunk flew open

and stuff went flying all over the track

fortunately no cars or anyone got hit

but that's just ridiculous another thing

you can do we didn't do

but carbon trunk that can save a little

weight i would say more critical than a

carbon trunk though

would be a carbon fiber hood that can

actually be worth a lot of weight


and it's really nice because it is on

the front end so that's going to help a

little bit with getting some of that


shifted to the rear end which with

drifting we're kind of looking for 50 50

but we definitely

don't want it super front end heavy

that's not ideal so

carbon hood is kind of an easy one

engine power

and honestly more ideally at this point


you're probably going to be mostly good

with what you have but there are some

little things you can do

that may not be too expensive one of the

biggest ones you can't see it

getting rid of your coolant going to

distilled water and water water

so if you want more detail on that just

search up water wetter another obvious

one is

upgraded radiator and we have an

upgraded fan on here that gives like 60

more airflow so we've had really good

luck with that pretty much for any


you should be able to find an upgraded

radar and fan set up

that's one though that i would do the

water wetter and distill water first and

then go kind of watch your temps make

sure you have a cooling cage

and um or water temp gauge rather and

just kind of watch it i wouldn't

blow a bunch of money on that if you

don't need it your amount of cooling

needed kind of will go up with your

power level right

look at your intake coolant temps if

you're a turbo car

so a larger intercooler is going to help

intake filter

any decent quality air filter will work

and that's easy free power

and is going to keep it from sucking

crap in there another little hack

for cooling is actually a water spare

kit so you can just just search like

intercooler sprayer radiator sprayer

water sprayer kit for

cars that's kind of an easy

band-aid as well as an addition if

you've already done all these cooling

things and you're not getting enough


so this is more on the engine power side

not as much of the reliability

doesn't really do much for reliability

but exhaust system

don't need to get anything fancy but the


air you're moving through it generally

the more power it's going to make

especially if you have a huge ass stock

muffler cadillac converters all that

wheels and tires really preference in a

lot of ways

but you want to get the right sizes so

that will allow you to get tires that

are cheap and available don't

necessarily need three piece

just don't run stockies it's kind of the

main thing

wheels are also a place where you can

save weight which is an

awesome place to save weight these are

not doing us any benefits there

as far as tires for the rear these

really do depend on your power level

in a lot of ways kind of the size you

want to go by the way this is like the

most stretch

i would ever recommend running for

drifting tire stretch is basically

running like a smaller width tire than

is built for the wheel

so that's kind of how you get this like

rounded effect that truly is for fitment

and style

and this is the most i would run

depending on your power level

you'll be somewhere in like that 205 to

255 range

and just get cheap chinese tires okay de

lentes iron man

uh non king don't necessarily need to be

chinese tires but just

cheap ass tires honestly so moving on to

the front grip

is critical here this isn't great outer


but it's as good as we can get with the

wise fab in these cheapo front fenders

suspension let's start off with the coil


so you want something adjustable uh we

really prefer feel suspension

you want something with you know a coil

over spring

where you can adjust the preload and

then also adjust the height separately

and then angle kit this is

top of the line wise fab that's like

full on competition as crazy as you can


it's not necessary for when you're

getting started out but if you want to

ball out

the nice thing is you can kind of start

out with just a modded knuckle and then

extend your lower control arms do rack


you know a rack adjustment either moving

it forward or backwards depending on

what vehicle you have

and with just stock steering angle

you're going to have a lot of trouble

really getting into a drift

and kind of experiencing what's needed

to control it once you can drift

you can drift a car with stock angle

just fine but it makes it it gives a

kind of a steeper learning curve

with no angle kit at all so i apologize

for how dirty this car is

uh we drive it a lot so we haven't had a

chance to kind of clean

everything underneath here but moving to

the rear end you don't necessarily need

all adjustable links

but enough adjustable lengths where you

can get the alignment set where you want


front end alignment is really depending

on what steering system you have

there's a lot of information out there

depending on your steering system

kind of what what alignment you want for

the front the rear though

at least in our experience is fairly

universal we always look for

zero camber so we don't want to run that

crazy rear camber

i know it looks sick and hella flush

boys love it but

for drifting it sucks you get shitty

tire wear go zero camber that's gonna

give you the most grip out of your tires

i would personally start with zero toe

as you get a little bit better and you

want a little bit more grip

you can do some toe in that's going to

help your car kind of charge forward and

grip more when you're on throttle but i

would start with a very neutral setup

zero camber zero toe get that full tread


that's gonna help you get the most to

set or tired and the most grip you can

uh sway bars

in the front we don't have any sway bar

some of the cars we do

rear end though really nice to have a

lot of times your stock sway bar is

actually gonna be more than enough

on this one we actually took a stock

sway bar and modified it these are just


water jetted little plates where we can

kind of adjust on the fly

to get stiffer softer sway bar settings

you got that motor that you're stuck


hopefully you have a manual transmission

automatic will work for a while

but manual is preferable um one piece

drive shaft if you're lucky enough that

your vehicle comes with a one-piece

drive shaft then great

just leave it until you need a you know

a beefier one for your power level

but if you have a two-piece drive shaft

a one piece is really going to help you


all the power you do have to the back

end and get rid of some of that slop

most of us have a drive shaft shop

around the corner that can build

a really cheap one-piece drive shaft i'm

talking like 150-200 bucks

so that's a cheap easy mod open diff is

just not going to fly but easy modded do

like we've done on this car

is just welding the diff um welding

you're definitely basically just welding

all the spider gears up

and making it so that the axles can't

spin independently

just locking that whole rear end up also

while we're back here

doing some solid subframe mount for the

bushings on the

on the subframe as well as solid

subframe or solid mounts for the diff

is really good so these are just

literally ran up right

to the diff sometimes you need a little

bushing depending on the vehicle

but getting rid of all those rubber

bushings just helps stiffen everything


make sure that the power you do have is

getting to the rear tires and you're not

losing it anywhere else so kind of the

only last one for the drivetrain

right goes engine transmission drive

shaft diff axles

we just run stock axles honestly that's


more than fine for most power levels

that's another thing where it's like

once they kind of start braking then

start upgrading them

don't go crazy spending a bunch of money

on fancy axles when you don't need them

your money is better spent elsewhere

spend it in your suspension spend it and

making yourself comfortable and safe or

spend it making your car stylish

that's that's a good option too as long

as your car has a stock handbrake

like a parking brake and you can tighten

it up and get the rear wheels to lock

you're really good to go but if you want

a little better lock

something more reliable i really would

recommend going with a hydraulic


there's kind of two versions you can do

in-line inline basically

you just still use the stock caliper

and you put it you put the hydraulic

hand brake in line with the rear caliper


the kind of next upgrade something they

require in a lot of competition series

mostly the professional ones

is a dual caliper again this is

something like a stock handbrake you can


so far with like in our laurel we ran

stock handbrake for like the longest

time and when this car was my obesity

car it was stock handbrake so it's

really not until you get at a higher

power level

and you really feel like you're

efficient with that handbrake and you

just need that little extra

you know kind of improvement with it

then go deal caliper and spend the money

the reason why this is more ideal than

inline is because they're separate

systems so if the handbrake system were

to fail

you'd still have your brakes or vice

versa if your brakes failed do you still

have your handbrake

it's just a safer more reliable system

all right guys this is a bonus one

but style this is i think super critical

i'd put it almost as important

as safety and having the car function

right not more important though

which some of you guys would i

understand that but i really look at him


getting the car to drift well and be

safe and then styles like they're just

kind of

get them both as good as they can be not

one's really more important than the


style is really it's an expression of

yourself right

and so the cool thing is depending on

what vehicle you're running

it may already be stylish just because

of the choice of chassis you used

and then you can kind of pair it with

whatever different body kits you want

hoods wheels paint jobs liveries all

sorts of stuff we like having fun with


i do think it's important at the very

least to have your car all one color

not having you know all sorts of

different color body panels all beat up

even i mean this is as beat up as we

like to get them so

not happy about that but it's okay

it really is personal taste right i

can't tell you necessarily how to be


or what you need to do to have a stylish

car and i don't even

want to do that necessarily because

that's really like someone with a

large ego would do that that's that's

not me if you put effort into your car

looking good

that's going to go everywhere if your

car looks good and that all is going to

lead to you being a little bit better


and just having a better well-built

reliable car

because you're putting some money and

effort into having it look good

you're also going to have put put money

and effort into having it run good and

perform well

so there's a lot more detail we could go

in on each one of these aspects

but we want to hear from you guys so

this was kind of we just went

over all the high level details of the

entire car comment below

and let us know what details you guys

would like us to talk more about

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