Double Shot Espresso Extraction

this next video is a training video on

how to do a double shot of espresso

first you want to bang out the previous

shots puck into your knock box and wipe

out your portafilter so it's clean and


turn on your grinder and wait a moment

to dose you may have an automatic

grinder which you can dose simply for a

single or double shot but if you have a

manual dozer then fill above the line

you are now going to use a method called

finger tamping this is when you use the

heel of your hand to even out the top of

the espresso shot make sure that your

hands are clean and dry and that there

are no dips or cracks left in your

grinds or else the water will pool in

your shot and will become bitter next

you're going to use your tamper on a

soft surface push your tamper down with

about thirty to fifty pounds of pressure

make sure the shot is completely

straight and even and that there are no

uneven sides and this will make a

sweeter shot wipe any excess grinds from

on top of the Porta filter as well as

from the spout next put your Porta

filter into the group head after

ensuring that the water is not too hot

and immediately pour a double shot into

a warm cup your shot should run in two

steady streams and not run thin at any

time and should run about twenty to

thirty seconds the shot is done when you

notice that there's a lighter caramel

colored striping you know you have a

good shot when your crema is creamy

caramel striped

and elastic it should hold up when

pushing a spoon through it like so