Preparing for Your DOT Exam

hello my name is Laurie Gorder a nurse

practitioner with multi care centers of

occupational medicine I've been

performing d-o-t exams over the past

twelve years today I'd like to speak

with you about how best to prepare for

your next d-o-t physical and what to

bring some things may have changed since

your last d-o-t physical as of May 21st

2014 exams are completed by a nationally

registered provider like myself being

held to more stringent requirements per

FMCSA and using best practice guidelines

upon completion of your exam you will be

entered into the national registry for a

maximum of two years here are a few

things to remember if you wear

prescription glasses contacts or a

hearing aid bring them with you you

should also carry a spare pair in your

truck at all times bring a list of

current medications with dosage as well

as the name and contact information of

the provider who prescribed the

medication upon completion of your

health history portion of the long form

do your best to explain any current or

previous medical conditions along with

dates be as accurate as possible as it

is fraudulent to intentionally falsify

information be prepared to supply

medical records or compliance data from

your primary provider for conditions

such as heart disease diabetes

neurological conditions or sleep apnea a

review of any diagnostic studies you

have had in the past may require a new

test such as an exercise stress test or

an echocardiogram after heart attack

sleep apnea is common and we will screen

accordingly if you take certain

medications for pain mental illness or

ATD will require a letter from your

treating provider please limit your

smoking sweets and caffeine prior to

your exam to avoid raising your blood

pressure and blood sugar

and finally try to relax our examiner's

want you to be successful in passing

your DoD exam and are here to help in

any way we can