Living Donor Kidney Transplant Surgery

when faced with irreversible renal

failure transplantation becomes a

patient's primary option on Wednesday

March 25th at 6 p.m. Eastern Time

you'll have the opportunity to see a

webcast event on a living donor kidney

transplant from Sentara Norfolk General

Hospital in Norfolk Virginia during the

transplant procedure both the donor and

recipient are operated on simultaneously

the surgeons use a minimally invasive

approach with the donor that offers

several benefits in years past we

perform that procedure with an open

incision but now most of the time can do

that laparoscopically which means that

recovery once they get home is is

quicker by a couple of weeks than with

an open incision is less cosmetically an

issue for patients as well once the

kidney is removed from the donor it's

temperature must be lowered while it is

transplanted into the recipient the

kidney is kept cold the whole time we're

sewing it in that lowers the metabolism

in the kidney and allows it to tolerate

not having a blood supply so whether

while we're sewing it in I have it in

that little stockinette that's filled

with ice and then once it's get a spud

supply back obviously it warms up while

the donor and recipient are physically

linked by the kidney donation all

involved with procedure are connected by

the overall goal of improving the

recipients health and quick healing for

the donor I think that donation is just

the most wonderful thing it's just the

greatest gift anybody could ever give

there really is a bond not only that

formed with the donor in the recipient

but I feel like there's a bond that's

formed with the overall transplant team

they really have the opportunity to to

improve somebody's quality of life

o our live makes it easy for you to

learn more just click on the request

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screen and open the door to informed

medical care

please join us on Wednesday March 25th

at 6 p.m. Eastern Time for a live

interactive web cast from Sentara

Norfolk General Hospital in Norfolk

Virginia you'll see the highlights of

the surgeries for living kidney donation

and transplant and have your emailed

questions answered live during the