How Domino's Makes Its Pizza




in one of our mixing bowls there are six

main ingredients that go into making

dough flour water salt sugar yeast and

oil and then there's our special goodie

bag that makes Domino's pizza dough

Domino's pizza dough




delicious five stars


they make the best visa it is fast

mimicking right there and it's good I

think consumers love our product because

our dough it is handmade it is not

throws every dough ball that comes off

of the line is fresh ingredient and I

think that as the stores make it and it

proofs to that light fluffy golden-brown

when you take the first bite you can

taste the goodness of every Domino's

Pizza so Domino's Pizza started in 1960

by Tom Monaghan in a small town called

epsilon T Michigan today we are over

15,000 stores strong in over 85

countries around the globe it's an

amazing story 58 years later