How to Register a Domain Name - Beginners Guide!

a domain name is basically your identity

on the internet and as such it's an

important asset and a valuable piece of

Internet real estate so by registering

your domain name you're protecting your

business or your ideas by ensuring that

nobody else can register them and

registering a domain name is quick and

easy there's no paperwork required so

domain names are issued on a first-come

first-served basis

so anybody can register them and when

you register your domain name it's

registered in your name

it's registered registered instantly and

just sent a confirmation email so let me

quickly show you how quick and easy it

is to register a domain name with pick

web the first thing we need to do in the

domain search facility here just enter

the domain that you're looking for and

then you'll see that the domain that

I've chosen is available dot-com and

you'll see that there are different

types of domain name here ComNet org

beers fot you co UK and UK and let's

just have a look at those in turn the

dot-com beers dot info these are issued

in the United States by an organization

called ICANN and their website website

is WWII can or gets I see a NN org and

they can be registered for between 1 and

10 years at a time now the type of

domain that you register is purely down

to personal preference

some people like coms if you're in the

UK but some people like UK domain names

often people will register both of them

to ensure that they're taken off of the

market so with the dot co dot uk'

domains these can be registered for two

years at a time and the UK domains are

issued by an organisation in the UK

which is called nominate and their

website is nominate org dot UK so they

can be registered for two years the

dot-com it search can be registered for

up to ten years finally the dot EU

domains they can only be registered for

one year at a time

so just choose the domain name that you

want to register select click to

continue and you'll see here if you do


to a web hosting service then just click

on this option here and you can then add

the web hosting service this is so you

can set up a website set up your emails

etc now with the dot-com domain you'll

see here that there's an option to you

include a domain privacy service when

you register a domain name your details

are stored in the publicly available

Whois database and if you don't select

this option they will be made public so

if you want to hide them just select

that option there and and our details

will appear when someone does a search

on the UK domains it's slightly

different and you'll see here that there

is a who is what's called a Whois

opt-out and it's the same thing so your

details won't show on the publicly

available database now that's a free

service but it's only available to

individuals and you'll see you'll see

here that you can choose whether you're

registering on behalf of an individual

or a company so if you're registering on

behalf of a company you just need to

enter in here your company ID the number

that's issued to you from Companies

House if you're registering is an

individual you don't need to put

anything in here but whichever type of

legal types you select you do need to

enter the the name of the person

registering the domain here ok at the

bottom you'll see there's an option here

for name servers you can in most cases

you can just ignore this this is mainly

for advanced users and this just

identifies the name of the server that

would be hosting the website but you can

change this later there's no problems

but if you're not sure just ignore this

and click on update cart

you're then taken to a summary page that

just shows you the details of your of

your purchase and here you just need to

enter your first name your last name

company details if that applies your

email address and just address details

various details here and then you can

continue the purchase just select down

at the bottom the payments method agree

you'll there's an option there to agree

to the Terms of Service and then click

on complete order and your domains will

be registered in registered instantly

and you'll be sent an email confirming

the details now if you do have any

problems or any issues just go to the

top of the website and you'll see

there's a live chat option there if you

just click on that you can chat to one

of our technique one of our staff and we

are available 24 hours a day seven days

a week or you can click on or you can

phone us on one of the two numbers shown

at the top or just drop us a quick email

okay that's all then thanks very much