How to Cut a Dog's Hair? 🐶 BASIC GROOMING Tutorial

welcome to this new animal wised video

where today we're going to show you how

to do a standard dog haircut as you can

see in this video it is a process which

requires knowledge and experience so we

advise you take your canine pal to

professional if you are in any way

doubtful the first thing we need to do

is give our dog a bath the best day to

give your dog a haircut we will always

use a neutral shampoo for dogs which

will not damage their skin putting

special emphasis on areas such as the

legs and muscle we should keep their

ears clear so that no water gets in

either by being very careful or using

earplugs we start by drying gently with

a tile to remove excess water

then with the help of a hair dryer and

comb we can dry the hair and remove

knots as we go along this can be used

all over including ears legs and till


with this comb we can remove the

toughest knots often find in places such

as the legs with great care

pull out the hair between the pan so we

can have purchase and trim separate the

pads and cut the fur in-between with

small scissors use a soft and tactful

approach especially if this is the first

time clipping this area for your dog for

trimming the edge of the paws use

scissors like these and trim in around a

chip when removing excess Vil we follow

the same procedure for all four paws

alternately you can set the paws on the

ground and pass the scissors over the

edge to give an even rounded tip and all

four paws


we should be careful when passing the

Clippers over the dogs underbelly we

should leave this area shave short as it

becomes the most stand in this kiss

because the dog is male it is extra

important to prevent a urine smell we

always have to shave going in the same

direction as the hair when we reach the

area halfway down the belly we need to

follow the natural shape of the fur

we must go down this way otherwise there

will be some lines which do not look

aesthetically pleasing


the Clippers are passed over the fur

until the body is finished and the rest

can be done with it


these are the three types of scissors we

will use we have the curved scissors to

give a ship then straight scissors for

straight cuts texturizing shears to

thinner the fur to reduce volume and

then the last one to do the same but

much faster we begin to shape the lower

part of the belly this way with the

curved scissors we can use the

texturizing shears over all parts of the



for the back we left the tail this way

this is one of the most important areas

as we need to keep it shorter to

maintain better hygiene of the dog


we continue with the till which we will

need to have untangled with the comb

since this area often gets the most

knocks once we untangle we cut it like

this to give it shape


we continue combing so that we can

remove knots from their whole head


no we will remove the excess hair from

the eyes starting with the parts which

can get tear stained


now for this night we need to hold our

dogs so they don't open their minds

while we cut but also ensure we don't

hurt them create a rounded shape like


this is one of the reasons why it is

best to get a specialist who both knows

how to handle the dog and has the right



after trimming we can use the

texturizing shears to make everything

look neat




for the ears we continue with the

texturizing shears to remove excess hair

on the same ear we comb to remove knots

and using the straight scissors we trim

in this way



we need to reiterate how the dog should

be as calm as possible always using

positive reinforcement to ensure they

are not stressed


continue ship in the facial area until

it looks like this


and now our standard groom is finished

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