Introducing Your Dog to the Cone

step one reward your dog with a treat

and praise whenever they show interest

in the cone don't try to put the cone on

them quite yet let them control their

interaction with it you're looking for

willing and happy engagement with the

cone from your dog for some dogs this

might happen pretty quickly well for

others it takes a little bit more time

step two encourage your dog to place

their head in the wide opening of the

cone first reward with treats and praise

while their heads inside the cone this

helps your dog acclimate to the feel of

the cone around their head as it changes

how they hear and see the environment

around them

step 3

switch to presenting the cone with a

small opening facing your dog start with

the neck opening fit large to allow

easier head movement praise and reward

for any movement they make to put their

nose through the neck opening of the

cone you can encourage them by luring

with a Treat in your hand reaching

through the opening and having them

follow it through

step four start to add duration praise

and reward your dog for choosing to keep

their head in the cone for longer

periods of time you can also start to

introduce touching or clipping and

clipping the collar step 5

continue to increase the duration your

dog is wearing the cone reward with

praise and treats throughout add in

moving the cone around their head while

they're wearing it and you can start

tapping lightly on the inside and

outside of the cone this will help your

dog get used to the different sounds

they will hear while wearing it step 6

walk around with your dog while they're

wearing the cone to help familiarize

them with the environment and learn how

to move with it on encourage them to

keep their head up while walking to

avoid catching the cone on the carpet or


continue to build positive associations

for your dog with praise petting toys

and food treats while they're wearing

their cone help them figure out the best

way to move about their daily routine

with it on in small increments with a

positive introduction like this your dog

will be less stressed when they are

required to wear it longer-term during