Causes of Shoulder Dislocation


doctor what exactly happens in a

shoulder dislocation used the 3d model

of the shoulder please

that's a great question most of the time

what happens when you dislocate your

shoulder if you if you look at the model

here the shoulders basically I like to

think of it as a golf ball that sits on

a tee here if you look at the ball in a

shoulder dislocation the ball slips off

of the tee most of the time it comes out

the front I can't say exactly what

happened to so law I watched that game

it was a fantastic game but I would

imagine it probably slipped a little bit

forward and then right back in the other

thing that people talk about is shoulder

separation which is similar that's when

you dislocate this joint here you're a

chrome you're AC joint you're a

acromioclavicular joint

I'm just looking at when you make

contact with the ground usually there is

there is that pop because what happens

is you're just it's the ball that

separates and it simply can't stay any

further in the location that it's set

for within the actual skeleton itself

and you're exactly right usually part of

it's kind of a lever arm type injury too

because even though you can't see it on

the model but the whole arm is here and

what happens the majority of the time is

the arm is brought out and in this kind

of motion and that when you do that if

you can imagine it kind of pops the ball

forward and out what about people who

and I've seen this before and in sports

over the years who just take it and I've

watched it and you could tell it was a

dislocated shoulder and it happens a lot

in football I've seen it in soccer and

well soccer as well where other players

will come up and they'll they'll try to

pop it back in does that ever work I

mean that seems to be excruciating ly

painful just thinking about it you're

absolutely right and I'm sure it hurts

one of the thing that is a little bit

interesting though is if you catch it

early the muscles still haven't tensed

up yet so if you can get to the player

really quickly you can put it back in

place gently and yes it hurts putting it

back in but it's a lot easier than doing

it if you ate five ten minutes when they

lock down and you can't get it back