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hi my name is Jeff and I'm with the

helmet center helmet center comm today

we're going to discuss how to properly

fit your next motorcycle helmet now as

you can imagine the question were asked

most often is hey how should my helmet

fit well in a word your helmet should

fit you snug and today we're going to

discuss a few of the things to look for

in getting a good fit and some of the

things to avoid to keep you out of the

unsafe helmet okay first off your helmet

should fit you snug I can't repeat that

enough snug snug snug we want a good

firm pressure on that helmet we don't

want the helmet wobbling around on your

head in the wind and yet we don't want

the helmet to be so tight that it's

going to cause you any discomfort while

you're riding so how do you come into

that good snug fit well if you don't

have the ability to walk into a local

dealership or helmet shop and try

helmets on probably the best thing

you're going to want to do is measure

your head okay we have another measuring

tape here and what you're going to want

to do with the measuring tape a

shoestring or whatever you happen to

have is measure the circumference of

your head now where you want to measure

is approximately about a half-inch above

your eyebrow you want to look for the

largest measurement around the

circumference and that number is going

to get you in the ballpark to the proper

fitting helmet for you okay so when I

measure my head I come up with dead-on

57 centimeters and for most brands 57

centimeters will put me into a size

medium which happens to be the size that

I wear

but for illustration purposes we're

going to try it on it's a little too big

we're going to kind of show you the

things that we don't want and a helmet

fit so let's take a look at this here we

have the new show x11 glory really nice


but unfortunately a size large is a

little big for me so I'm going to kind

of go through a couple of things for you

to look for and you'll know maybe the

helmet is a little too big for me so

starting off I'm gonna put the helmet on

when I grab the straps I'm gonna pull

them apart to the side and I'm going to

drop the helmet on well first off the

problem I see with this helmet is it

went on my head a little too easy when

you're putting your helmet on it should

give you a little bit of difficulty

putting it down if you think about it if

your helmet goes on your head very

easily it might come off your head

easily as well that's what we want to

avoid hey that's where wearing


homes here right okay once your helmets

on we're looking for a good firm cheek

pressure we're looking for a uniform

pressure throughout the crown of the

helmet no tight spots we also don't want

to be too loose now in this particular

model although it feels pretty good and

pretty comfortable most people actually

would say it fits them right but you

know what it's not right here's why if

you take the helmet and twist it off to

the side there is a lot of lateral

movement in this helmet also next we

want to look for is that pressure and

forehead although it feels comfortable I

can take my fingers and jam them way up

on the inside of the helmet what that's

going to mean is when the winds pushing

on the helmet at speed you're going to

get a lot of movement in that direction

which again is going to make your helmet

and improper fit and the last thing

we're going to look for is the roll-off

test this is a test done by the

manufacturer bolt by Snell actually and

this helmet in a size large if I pull

the chin bar down you're going to notice

that it covers my eyes and actually

going to hit my chin also here on the

chin bar that's not a good fit so

although it feels very comfortable and

most folks will think this is about

right you really should be trusting that

measurement and trying one size down so

let's take a look at a proper fitting

helmet okay once again even comes off a

little too easy alright here we go

57 centimeter circumference this tells

me that I should be wearing a medium so

let's try a look at a medium grab those

straps pull apart slightly placed on top

my head and that was actually a little

more difficult to put on

now the helmet does seem a lot snugger

on my head as far as cheek pressure I'm

getting a good firm pressure pushing in

on my cheeks actually to the plant where

I have to carefully speak because my

cheeks actually are biting actually my

teeth are biting the inside of my cheeks

forehead pressure all the way around the

circumference is very very firm if I

take my fingers and try to stuff up in

the helmet you're going to notice

they're not really going up at all now

if your fingers don't go up in the

helmet of all which you want to pay

attention to now is is the helmet too

tight and probably the best way to do

that is where the helmet around for 10

or 15 minutes if you have the ability to

do that that's going to give you an

indication of

the helmets going to fit you in the long

term if any hot spots develop you're

going to know if that helmets going to

be too uncomfortable okay cheek pressure

good and firm forehead I can't get my

fingers up there but also I could

probably wear this thing for about 20

minutes without any kind of trouble

indicating I probably have the right

sized helmet I grab the outer shell the

helmet and I shift it from side to side

the helmets not going to really move if

I grab the chin bar and I rotate it

around you're going to notice my skin is

always pushing with the padding it's

never really leaving if I grab the chin

bar and I pull it off to one side

the padding never leaves my cheek this

is going to be a good indication that

you have a properly fitted helmet

everything makes contact good firm cheek

pressure foreheads not too tight very

very little lateral movement front and

back and that's how you know when you

have a properly fitted helmet and also

is a little difficult to take off your

head okay so this is kind of a quick

recap and kind of a quick thing to look

for as far as a good helmet fit snug

cheeks firm pressure on the forehead

trust your measurement and the last

thing I can tell you that's probably the

easiest thing if you don't have the tape

measure but you have the ability to walk

into a store grab whatever size you want

to start with if it's a double

extra-large that's fine try it on and

keep working your way down in size until

you feel like you have a proper fitting

helmet and once you're at that point try

one size smaller just to give it a shot

you'd be surprised it's going to tell

you one of two things either the next

size smaller is way too tight and you

can't wear it or maybe this is actually

properly fitting helmet for me okay if

you have any further questions on helmet

fit please give us a call so is a very

very important factor of riding a

motorcycle is having properly fitted

gear so give us a call

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