What Is A Desert Rose?

I'm not shaking anything hey everyone

welcome we are back and I have two boxes

today but I'm only allowed to pick one

and I really don't know what one to pick

what one should I do

i meani meenie miney moe I don't

remember that elementary school all

right I'll just go at this one there you


all right so this is kind of heavy feels

like there's something substantial I'm

not gonna guess let's just open up the

card Oh

Desert Rose Desert Rose I am guessing

that this is gonna be kind of like a

muted color maybe the crystal will look

like a throws like a flowering shape so

it'll probably be like maybe a dusty

rose color forget what I have to say

let's jump on it and see what's in here

wow that is really pretty that's really


bet you're wanting me to pull it out

purchase that really does look like a

rose that is absolutely spectacular I

was right kind of like a dusty color

muted looks like there's like dust or

something on it I don't know what is on

this anyways it does look like a rose

like right there you can see it looks

like there's petals it's really cool

here on the side it just it looks like a

flower in both sides due to that one not

as much I think

Desert Rose is the absolute perfect name

for this material kind of curious to see

exactly what this is made out of it

looks just like solid rock I know

there's something more interesting here

hmm I guess we will just have to ask

someone who would be a good person to

ask I would say a geologist someone it

would be fun to have on the show why

don't we ask Elizabeth she's geologist

she's been here with us afore and we can

ask her all about a desert rose

I have to open up the second one so this

box is a little bit lighter and the

cards rose I suspect it's gonna look

like this but I have a funny feeling

that it's gonna trip me up again I was

so right now I have to figure out how to

pick this thing up really like spiky I

really want to make sure I don't break


I could see some things that could be

flowery eskalene but it's just super

delicate it kind of reminds me of like

gypsum or something I think I've seen

that before

so this is like translucent some parts

look opaque this is really cool alright

so let's get Elizabeth in here to tell

us all about the two desert roses okay

Elizabeth get get on over here and tell

us what's going on I have two desert

roses in front of me well if you look at

this one and then you actually look at

this plate so this is actually a plate

of desert roses right if you come here

and you kind of flip it around and you

start really looking at it closely if

you look at them individually actually

begin to look like the same roses that's

true here what you've got is you've got

a concretion concretion is where you

have a bunch of minerals or rocks really

pretty much anything in the ground that

come together and they stick together

and it concrete these are like a bunch

of these stuck together pretty much this

one looks like concrete though doesn't

look nearly as delicate as this the

difference between these two you can

actually have a couple different

minerals create desert roses yes I know

you recognize that what about this guy

this is actually berry so this is a very

similar mineral where gypsum is actually

calcium sulfate with some water

this is barium sulfate two totally

different minerals not really very

similar similar but the difference is

what makes it look like the

versus that desert roses form in deserts

or very humid environments or very dry

environment what it is is it's called an

evaporate you have salt flats or other

places where you can have water below

ground that changes depth occasionally

tell me one crazy fact about Desert Rose

that you're actually seeing sand in the

crystals so that's actually trapped sand

Wow colors

depending on where you are in the world

some of them can actually be more white

colored some or some can be this tan you

can get the red so it's all about the

impurities like any gemstone it's all

about a recipe some impurities and the

recipe are gonna be different and then

you get a different flavor of cookie or

a different color of gemstones really

baking masters and geologists

demo we're like a big like you know like

we know about Jumanji but like we

understand the recipe so probably like

you know masters with baking and I bet

you'll be very good at baking I'm

actually a terrible cook really we

talked about crystal structures in a few

other videos tell us about the crystal

structures with both of these so your

Barrett's orthorhombic and then your

selenite is monoclinic Monica the atoms

are stacked differently they're stacked

a little bit differently Elizabeth thank

you so much for coming on this episode

today with us will you please accept

this rose pick closer look at the petals

or what looks like petals one of the

most interesting things I have seen in a

while was this guy



it was really awesome having Elizabeth

here today I learned all about the

crystal structures for these two desert

roses and they're actually different

that was pretty cool and hey you know

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