The Ten Dental Specialties

hey everyone brian here whether you're

joining the dental workforce you're

interested in pursuing dentistry or

maybe you're a patient and want to learn

about the different dental specialties

well this video is designed to introduce

the ten current specializations in the

field of Dentistry in the US so a

specialty is an area of dentistry that

has been formally recognized by the

American Dental Association and it's

appropriate regulatory boards the a da

posits that the needs of the public are

best served if the profession focuses

mainly on general practice and general

dentists but specialties are recognized

in certain areas where advanced

knowledge and skills are essential to

maintain or restore oral health so these

are the ten current dental specialties

recognized by the a da so let's go

through them one at a time so dental

anesthesiology is actually the newest of

the group and it was formally recognized

on March 11th 2019 almost exactly one

year ago today so from the ABA website

dental anesthesiology is the specialty

of Dentistry and discipline of

anesthesiology encompassing the art and

science of managing pain anxiety and

overall patient health during dental

oral maxillofacial and other surgical

procedures throughout the entire

perioperative period and a specialty is

dedicated to promoting patient safety as

well as access to care for all dental

patients including very young and

patients with special healthcare needs

so this specialty is trained to provide

pain management during dental procedures

particularly things like intravenous

deep sedation and general anesthesia a

dental anesthesiology residency is three

years long following dental school

and focuses on proficiency and

anesthesia delivery as well as emergency

medicine and rescue dental Public Health

is the science and art of preventing and

controlling dental diseases and

promoting promoting dental health

through organized community efforts it's

the form of dental practice which serves

the community as the patient rather than

the individual and it's concerned with

dental health education of the public

with applied dental research and with

the administration of group dental care

programs as well as the prevention and

control of dental diseases on a

community basis so dental public health

has been an ABA recognized specialty

since 1950 and it's unique because it's

not primarily a clinical specialty but

rather its practitioners focus on dental

and oral health issues in communities

and populations so things like social

health policy fluoridation of drinking

water school dental screening programs

and oral health in care homes and

nursing facilities all of these things

are encompassed by dental public health

a dental public health residency is 1 to

2 years long following graduation from

dental school endodontics

is the branch of dentistry which is

concerned with the morphology physiology

and pathology of the human dental pulp

and Perrie radicular tissues those are

tissues near and around the root of the

tooth it's study and practice

encompasses the basic and clinical

Sciences including biology of the normal

pulp the etiology diagnosis prevention

and treatment of diseases and injuries

of the pulp and associated peri

radicular conditions so endodontics is

all about saving natural teeth because

even an implant is not a perfect

replacement for a natural tooth the most

common procedure that an endodontist is

performing is a root canal therapy where

you clean out the infected nerve tissue

of a tooth as seen here and

replace it with a sterile biocompatible

material they also perform root

surgeries and bandage traumatic tooth

injuries residency for endodontists is

two to three years long following dental

school oral and maxillofacial pathology

is the specialty of Dentistry and

discipline of pathology that deals with

the nature identification and management

of diseases affecting the oral and

maxillofacial regions and is a science

that investigates the causes processes

and effects of those diseases and the

practice of oral pathology mostly

includes research and diagnosis of

diseases using clinical radiographic

microscopic like seeing here biochemical

and other examinations so this specialty

is all about digging for answers and

diagnosis can range from something

benign like a naphthas ulcer to

something malignant like oral cancer

oral and maxillofacial pathology

residency is on average about three

years long oral and maxillofacial

radiology is the specialty of dentistry

and discipline of radiology concerned

with the production and interpretation

of images and data produced by all

modalities of radiant energy that are

used for diagnosis and management of

diseases disorders and conditions of the

oral and maxillofacial region so oral

radiologists have advanced training in

radiation physics biology safety and

hygiene which enables them to study and

interpret x-ray images from routine bite

wings to magnetic resonance imaging or

MRIs to 3-dimensional cone beam computed

tomography images so oral and

maxillofacial radiology residency is

anywhere from two to three years long

oral and maxillofacial surgery is the

specialty of Dentistry which

includes the diagnosis surgical and

adjunctive treatment of diseases

injuries and defects involving both

functional and aesthetic aspects of the

heart and soft tissues of the oral and

maxillofacial region this is certainly a

very demanding but also rewarding

specialty it routinely involves

extractions implant placements and

surgery of the jaws but surgeons in this

specialty diagnose and treat a wide

range of conditions including cleft lip

and palate facial injuries and head neck

and oral cancers residency programs for

oral and maxillofacial surgery are the

longest of all the specialties clocking

in at four to six years long after

dental school so the oldest of the

recognized dental specialties founded in

1900 by Edward angle is orthodontics and

dental facial orthopedics this is the

dental specialty that includes the

diagnosis prevention interception and

correction of malocclusion

or a bat bite as well as neuromuscular

and skeletal abnormalities of the

developing or mature oral facial

structures so orthodontists help create

beautiful smiles by straightening teeth

and also sometimes modifying maxillary

and mandibular growth via orthopaedic

appliances like headgear there's also a

fellowship in craniofacial orthodontics

focused on complex multidisciplinary

care of congenital abnormalities or AB

nominees like cleft lip and palate

pierrot band syndrome Treacher Collins

syndrome among other things resident

residency programs for orthodontics are

two to three years long pediatric

dentistry is an age defined specialty

that provides both primary and

comprehensive preventive and therapeutic

oral health care for infants and

children through adolescents

including those with special healthcare

needs so good oral health starts as a

child so educating kids and their

parents and preventing disease early is

much of the focus of pediatric dentists

residency for pediatric dentistry is two

to three years long periodontics is that

specialty of Dentistry which encompasses

the prevention diagnosis and treatment

of diseases of the supporting and

surrounding tissues of the teeth and

they're substitutes in the maintenance

of the health function and aesthetics of

these structures and tissues so

periodontal disease is the most common

cause of tooth loss among adults so this

career is focused on preventing that

tooth loss and promoting health of gums

and bone that support the teeth the

periodontists can also place and repair

dental implants residency programs for

periodontists are on average about three

years long

and our last specialty is prosthodontics

which is the dental specialty pertaining

to the diagnosis treatment planning

rehabilitation and maintenance of the

oral function comfort appearance and

health of patients with clinical

conditions associated with missing or

deficient teeth and/or oral and

maxillofacial tissues using

biocompatible substitutes so

prosthodontist replace missing teeth

with crowns bridges dentures and the

restoration of dental implants there's

also a maxillofacial prosthetics which

is a sub specialty of prosthodontics

which focuses on rehabilitation of

patients with congenital facial or oral

defects such as cleft lip and palate or

patients born with an underdeveloped ear

for instance or they can restore

function and aesthetics for people who

undergo receptive cancer surgery or

experienced trauma from war to motor

vehicle accidents the residency for

prosthodontics takes on average three

years to complete so on my channel I

have in depth video series for nearly

all of these ten specialties so you can

search my channel for playlists that go

into much more detail about each of

these if you are interested in

particular specialties other specialties

out there not formally recognized by the

ABA include forensic odontology which

involves gathering and studying dental

evidence in law for solving cases

geriatric dentistry which is dental

treatment for the elderly oral

implantology which focuses especially on

placing implants and veterinary

dentistry which is dental care in the

treatment of animals so there's lots of

cool stuff out there in the world of

dentistry and hopefully you enjoyed this

video and this introduction to the

dental specialties and that you learned

something new along the way so that's it

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