Dental Crown Procedure

a dental crown is a tooth shaped cap or

cover placed over a remaining natural

tooth structure dental crowns restored

to this original shape size strength and

overall appearance a crown is used to

protect and restore a weak or broken

tooth oftentimes from decay other common

reasons for the placement of dental

crowns include holding dental bridges in


covering dental implants following root

canal therapy and cosmetic modifications

such as covering misshapen or discolored

teeth to improve their appearance dental

crowns are made from a variety of

different materials including porcelain

resin ceramic and stainless steel the

placement of a dental crown requires two

visits to the dentist during the first

visit anesthesia is applied to both the

tooth and the surrounding gum tissue

once the area is numb the surface areas

of the tooth are shaped to ensure

sufficient space for the crown after

reshaping the natural tooth the dentist

will use a paste or putty like material

to take impressions of the remaining two

these impressions are taken to aid in

the construction of the dental crown by

a certified dental laboratory to create

a customized permanent crown this

process will take about three weeks

meanwhile a secure temporary crown is

placed over the tooth for protection

temporary crowns are typically made of

acrylic and they are held in place by a

temporary cement during the second visit

to the dentist the tooth and gum tissue

are frequently numbed the temporary

crown is removed and the customized

permanent dental crown is checked for



it is then cemented into place with a

special adhesive for more information on

dental crowns please do not hesitate to

contact our friendly team today