Dehumidifiers: How do they work?

humidity in the home can cause many

problems often it can lead to the cause

of mold mildew and damp and can also

lead to rooms feeling stuffy and

smelling musty less obvious of the

potential health problems of damp

environments often harbour dust mites

the leading cause of asthma

Dimplex dehumidifiers remove dust dirt

and moisture from the air making the

environment less attractive to dust

mites and other insects and reducing the

amount of moisture left to collect on

cool surfaces walls and windows did you

know that in a typical 3.5 kilo wash on

a thousand spin cycle there is around

1.5 kilos of retained water using a

dehumidifier in your laundry room can

dramatically speed up drying times when

used in a central location moisture from

around the home will be drawn to the

dehumidifier and you may also notice

that your rooms run up faster when your

heating system is on so how do they work

a humidistat monitors relative humidity

in the home and when this reaches a

selected level for example 20 percent

the dehumidifier will switch on and

begin removing moisture from the air the

air is first flown in through a panel

filter which removes dust and dirt this

filter is designed to last the life of

your dehumidifier and is washable so

should never need replacing the air is

then cooled condensing the moisture

which is removed and deposited into a

water tank

the dry air is then rewarmed using the

heat generated by the dehumidifier

process and passed back into the room

once the tank is full it can be quickly

removed and the water disposed off or

because it contains no calcium we used

in your iron this is especially useful

in hard water areas the dimplex

dehumidifiers will automatically switch

off when you remove the tank or if the

tank becomes full for less frequented

areas of the home an optional continuous

drain line is available for non-stop

operation dimplex dehumidifiers are

designed specifically for the UK climate

and will work well even in very high

humidity environments our range also

come equipped with integrated carry

handles and easy guide casters and at as

little as four people power

they aren't expensive to run either


visit dim flexco dock UK to view our

full range and find out where to buy now