Calculating Distance (in degrees) with Latitude

hello in this tutorial I'm going to talk

a little bit about how we can use

latitude to figure out the difference in

the distance that two locations are on

the globe so what we're going to look at

first is the difference between San

Francisco and Los Angeles now when we go

and we look at our lab we know that the

difference that we're looking at is


okay so lines of latitude if we look at

the globe the lines of latitude are the

ones that go from east to west these are

like the lines on a ladder on the

latitude so we want to look at just the

latitude differences so I'm going to

write that up here so we know from that

lab I just have it down so I don't

forget it it's 37 degrees and 19 minutes

to the north while Los Angeles is 33

degrees and 42 minutes to the north okay

so we want to know how much higher San

Francisco is above Los Angeles and we

want to know that in degrees and minutes

now one thing that I want to point out

is that when we look at one degree there

are 60 minutes that's just that one

little hash mark in every degree of

latitude okay so what we're just going

to do is some basic subtraction we're

going to take the one that's farther

north which is San Francisco and we're

going to subtract Los Angeles from it

okay we actually most of us already know

that San Francisco is in Northern

California Los Angeles is in Southern

California so to set this up we have 37

degrees 19 minutes we're going to

subtract Los Angeles 33 degrees and 42

minutes okay now what we see over here

we're trying to subtract 42 from 19 we

know that 19 isn't big enough okay

there's not enough minutes there to do

this math correctly so we're going to

borrow one of the degrees we're going to

just cross out the seven this is going

to become a six and we're going to put

60 more minutes

it's over on this side because for every

degree there are 60 minutes so this 19

it's going to become 79 minutes okay now

42 from 79 is 37 minutes and then if we

take 36 minus 33 it's just 3 degrees so

we know that San Francisco is 3 degrees

and 37 minutes of latitude to the north

of Los Angeles ok and so that's how we

can use the degrees and we can borrow

some minutes to complete our

mathematical equation or our calculation

just doing some basic subtraction if you

have any other questions let me know