Mapwork plotting places latitude longitude

hi and welcome to this video today I'm

going to explain to you how to plot a

place on a map by looking at the

coordinates so your teacher has given

you the coordinates and he wants you to

indicate exactly where the place is but

you don't have a clue way to go look for

this place in one of my previous videos

I explained how to figure out the

coordinates by looking at a very

specific place on a map but today we are

going to do it the other way around

so what we need to understand is that

there are two important gridlines on a

world map and the most important line of

latitude is the equator it's at 0

degrees and the reason why it's zero

degrees is because it divides the earth

in a northern and southern hemisphere so

it's exactly in the middle so add as we

go further south the numbers will

increase here we will have for example

20 degrees south 40 degrees and 60

degrees south same will happen if we go

northwards then we have the Greenwich

meridian or the Prime Meridian it's also

at 0 degrees because it divides the

earth in an in a western and eastern

hemisphere now what you will also notice

is that we have four quadrants so we

have a north eastern quadrant a

southeastern quadrant a southwestern and

north western quadrant but before we

start it's important to understand how

to figure out where the Grange Meridian

is and where the equator is when we look

at this map why do we want to do this

because we want to figure out in which

quadrant we are working so as we can see

the numbers increase as we go in this

direction so in other words the

Greenwich Meridian must be on this side

of the map yeah what we see over here is

that the numbers increase as we go to

the south in other words the the equator

must be some way in this direction so we

are working in the south east

quadrant so everything on this map will

be south of the Equator and east of the

Greenwich Greenwich Meridian so your

teacher wants you to find a place with

the following coordinates

now you might preview it in one of my

previous videos I said it's important to

always do latitude first so we are going

to do latitude and we can see it's 31

degrees south so we did we say is the

equator the equator is north of this map

so zero is somewhere in the north and

then we have 27 and then 28 29 30 31

degrees south so everything on this line

here is 31 degrees south now way this

line 31 degrees south and 29 degrees

east where they cross that is your

location the location you are looking

for so we have 31 degrees south now we

are looking for 29 degrees east so let's

have a look yeah we have the numbers

there is 29 degrees east and so if we go

down this line all the way to 31 degrees

south your is way they cross I'm going

to use a different color 31 degrees

south and 29 degrees east that is the

place you are looking for we are going

to do one more example because it's

quite easy if these places are exactly

on the line but I'm gonna make it

slightly more challenging so the next

place we are going to try and find is at

29 comma 5 degrees south and 24 point

three degrees east now when we deal with

numbers like these that is way we

actually should should move on to

minutes and seconds but I'm going to do

this example simply to help us

understand the next video beta so yeah

we have 29 point 5 degrees so the method

is exactly the same there we have 27

degrees south 28 29 so

halfway between 29 and 30 so what you

can do is you can take your pencil and

just indicate 29 degrees south 29 point

5 degrees south and then 24 point three

degrees east so we are going from the

Greenwich Meridian in this direction 24

and a half I always go for 1/2 first and

then you have to sort of you can use

your ruler and measure it and work out

exactly where 24 point three degrees is

but but I'm sure most teachers will

accept an answer that is close enough

and so here you'll make your other line

and exactly where those two lines cross

is where your location is so that is how

simple it is in the next video I'll

explain how to use minutes and seconds

but thanks for watching feel free to

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