Deep Overbite Bite & Braces: Causes and Correction / Orthodontic Treatments

so if you've seen these last few videos

we've done a lot of talking about

overbite versus overjet and a lot of

people misunderstand the term overbite

but in today's video we're going to talk

about what an overbite really is

and some ways your orthodontist might

fix it so let's go

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in these last few weeks we've been

talking a lot about overbite and overjet

and i know a lot of people misunderstand

the terms a lot of people think overbite

is how much your upper teeth stick out

compared to your lower teeth but that's

not true

as we've talked about in previous videos

that's actually called over jet

when we talk about over bite and

orthodontics we talk about how much your

upper and lower teeth overlap each other

in the vertical dimension so if you have

a very large over bite

it's not that your upper teeth stick far

out forward it's that your upper teeth

overlap your lower teeth so much that

you can't even see your lower teeth this

is also called a deep bite so a big


is a deep bite so you're probably

thinking that's great deep bite whatever

how does your orthodontist fix it well

there's a bunch of different ways an

overbite can be treated and the main way

that this overbite can be treated is

based off of what caused the overbite


so first we're going to talk about the

causes of these different overbites and

then we could talk about a few ways that

your orthodontist might

treat this so a big overbite can be

caused by a few things

one is when your upper teeth are over

extruded which means that your upper


have over erupted over your lower teeth

and that causes a deep bite because it

overlaps your lower teeth on the flip


if your lower teeth over erupt and

basically go behind the upper teeth too

much that's another cause of a deep bite

in both of these cases this is what's

called a curve of speed

this curve of speed is basically if you

were to look at the teeth

from the side if the teeth on the lower

kind of curve

up like this that's called a curve of

speed so basically your premolars are

going to be lower

than your canines which are lower than

your incisors so you basically see a

slanting up

and that's called a curve of speed and a

big curve of speed can contribute to

this deep bite and i know a bunch of you

guys have been asking what's a reverse

curve of speed wire

don't worry we're going to get to that

but this is a little bit of an intro

into what that is so next let's talk

about why a deep bite or a big overbite

is so bad and why are orthodontists

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if you have too deep of a bite a lot of

things can happen one is that can

actually impinge on your palate and

actually cut up the gums on the tongue


of your upper teeth i know that sounds

painful right and what this can lead to


actually recession of the gums back

there as well as sensitivity early wear

of the teeth a lot of bad

things another thing a deep overbite can

cause is that it can actually

lock that lower jaw back and what this

can do is cause a lot of tension and

strain in the tm joints

and this results in a problem called

temporal mandibular dysfunction

or tmd which is a lot of people call tmj

other things they could do is lead to

early wear chipping of teeth a lot of

bad things

so this is why your orthodontist is

going to recommend correction of

an overbite it's not ideal to have an

open by either you want your upper and

lower teeth to overlap a little bit and

this is because whenever you move your

teeth around

it's kind of used to protect your back

teeth from having them wear away too


but having an excessive overbite can

lead to all these previously explained


so now let's go on to what you guys have

been curious about what are some ways

your orthodontist

can treat this deep overbite well now it

kind of goes back to the first point on

what's the cause of the overbite if your

upper teeth have

over extruded what you might see is a

little bit of a gummy smile

so if it's the problem with the upper

teeth kind of overlapping the lower


well then your orthodontist might do

something like position the brackets in

a different position

in order to basically pull those upper

incisors upright and make it so that

your deep bite isn't as deep but more

often than not

the deep bite is caused by the lower

incisors remember that curve of speed we

were talking about

about the lower teeth kind of slanting

up in the front that's usually the cause

of a deep bite i keep bumping into this

thing it's used for the microphones that

it doesn't reverberate so much so i keep

keeps getting in my way though so if

this curve of speed is causing the deep

bite your orthodontist can do a few


one thing that they can use is actually

putting bite turbos on the tongue

side of your upper teeth if you guys

don't know what bite turbos are we

talked about

in a previous video which i'll link out

in this corner what it does is it

prevents the upper and lower back teeth

from hitting one another all you will do

is hit on the front teeth or

wherever those turbos are what this will

do is it'll serve like a bite plate

and a bite plate and these turbos kind

of act in the same way what

a bite plate does whether it's cemented

in or removable

is that it prevents the back teeth from

touching this does two things

one is that it puts a force on your

lower incisors to intrude so that they


level out this curve of speed and what

it also does is it allows the back teeth

to erupt

more as the back teeth kind of erupt

more and the lower teeth

intrude down what you'll end up getting

is leveling of this curve of speed so

that when your orthodontist removes that

bite plate or those bite turbos

you have a normal overbite and the last

thing i'm going to talk about in today's

video about how your orthodontist might


that deep bite is by using a wire called

a reverse curve of speed wire

or an r cross wire or a bunch of

different things rcos

these are all different names for why

that is the same thing this wire is

really really curved and what it

actually looks like is

you know how curve of speed kind of

slants up like this well the reverse

curve of speed wire actually slants down

like that and the purpose of this wire

is that it will

intrude the lower front teeth and

extrude or push up the teeth in the back


this in an effect will basically level

out that curve of speed and make your


less severe and less deep and a little

bit of a sidebar with these bite plates

that are cemented in it's

very important to keep up good hygiene

because a lot of food and plaque can

build up under it

so i encourage everyone that has an

anterior bite plate and literally

everyone that is in braces should have a

water pick i tell every patient of mine

that gets braces that they have to

invest in a water pick it is

absolutely critical in maintaining

hygiene and i actually still use my

water pick today

i have the sonic fusion which is

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yeah if you have braces especially if

you have anything that's cemented in

you have to get a water pick if you

haven't gotten it already and that's

pretty much all i have for you guys on

today's episode of race explain i wanted

to kind of talk about

overbites because you know we've been

talking about how overbites are

improperly called overjets and things

like that in previous videos and i was

like you know what i've never even

talked about overbites really in this

channel so

i want to set aside today a little bit

of time to talk about that in

some ways that your orthodontist might

treat it remember a little bit of an

overbite is a good thing and a little

bit of an overjet is also a good thing

but if you have excessive overbite or

excessive overjet

or open bite or reverse overjet these

are all

not ideal so please remember your

orthodontist knows what's best for you

and if you have any questions you should

ask him or her if you guys enjoyed

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next week on another episode of races

explained but for now

dr greg out