How To Get Brainly Answers For Free 2019 (No Ads-Verified Answers) - Simple and Easy

how's it going everyone this is my first

video and I'm gonna be showing you guys

how to get brainley questions for free

no usually when you're looking for a

question it brings up like it says that

you need to get a subscription or joined

or get your parents to send you an email

or send them an email so you can get a

7-day trial or whatever but today I'm

going to be showing you guys how to get

all these questions for free and you

don't have to do the inspect element

trick or whatever that you can do all

this raw right through the Google

browser or Internet Explorer I'm not

ratting you do it for that one but this

is how you do on Chrome so what you're

gonna do first off is you go over to

these three little dots up at the top

and then you go down to settings and

then you come down you scroll all the

way down in your settings to advanced

and then you want to come to site

settings right here

and then you click on it and then you go

to cookies cookies and then now before I

did this and then I just kind of made my

all my websites grew up so you only want

to block cookies from brainley so how

you do that is you press ad over here on

block and then you type in brain link

calm and then you click Add and then

that website will be blocked now this

doesn't mess anything up but all it does

is I'm pretty sure brainley uses cookies

to tell how many questions you've seen

and then it'll start bringing up the ads

but this makes it so I can't tell how

many ads you've looked up or how many

questions you've looked up so I won't

send you any ads so this is just one of

mine for my geometry problems and you

can click on it and it'll give you the

verified answers and stuff and you know

I'll have to get any new subscription so

I hope you all enjoyed this little

tutorial and I will talk to y'all later